13 Spooktacular Halloween Costumes for Nurses  

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

nurse holding paper cut-out skull while wering halloween costume with cheetah print scrubs, cheetah print cat ears, and blue stethoscope

“Spooky season” is upon us! And if you’re a nurse on a mission to find the perfect Halloween costume, look no further. Looking for Halloween costumes for nurses to rock off-shift? Searching for costume ideas for nurses at work that you can wear over your scrubs? 

We’ve brewed up a cauldron of thirteen fang-tastic DIY costume ideas that’ll have you howling with delight. Keep reading for thirteen easy costume ideas, tips, tricks, (and some treats)!

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Tips & Tricks: Planning Halloween Costume Ideas for Nurses at Work 

Nurse style doesn’t just stop with having fashionable scrubs — you can dress up for “spooky season,” too! But Before we explore all the sweet and spooky costume ideas for nurses at work, let’s focus on lifting your patients’ “spirits” with careful planning and preparation: 

Know Your Facility’s Policies 

Dressing up for Halloween is fun and games, but it’s still work.  

Before doing any planning, ask management if Halloween costumes for nurses are allowed. Inquire about any rules or guidelines before choosing your costume.  

Keep it Simple 

If you’re on a graveyard — um, night — shift, opt for a costume that’s comfy over your scrubs. Accessories will be your best friend: Themed headbands, funny badges, or small props can add a touch of festivity without interfering with your duties. 

Comfort is Key 

a graphic with three examples of halloween costumes for nurses at work, including a nurse fairy, retro nurse, and animal nurse on green gradient background
For nurses at work, DIY accessories can make all the difference for your Halloween costume!

Long nursing shifts can be tiring, so make sure your costume doesn’t become a Halloween nightmare. When searching for Halloween costume ideas for nurses at work, look for simple, lightweight accessories that let you bust a “boooooogie” and adjust for the weather.

Stay Spooky and Safe 

Infection control is still a top priority. Avoid excessive makeup that might rub off, and ensure your costume doesn’t have parts that could accidentally interfere with patients or equipment. 

Think More ‘Treat’ (and Less ‘Trick’) 

Above all, you’re there to provide care and comfort to your patients. Consider Halloween costumes for nurses and healthcare workers that spread positivity and happiness rather than shock or fear. Look for characters and themes that bring smiles to patients’ faces.  

Halloween Costume Ideas for Nurses at Work 

Working the Halloween shift? You can keep it spooky and professional with these DIY costume ideas! Creep it real with these simple, fun costume ideas for nurses at work:  

Barbie Nurse 

Brighten up your workplace as a Barbie nurse. Wear hot-pink scrubs and add playful accessories like a Barbie-themed badge.  

Animal Nurse 

Looking for more low-key costume ideas for nurses at work? Keep it simple with animal-shaped pins, earrings, or a headband. These small yet fun touches will undoubtedly be a treat (but no trick) to both patients and colleagues.  

Nurse Shark 

Love a good pun? Create a ‘nurse shark’ costume. Sport gray scrubs along with a DIY shark fin attachment to bring smiles to your patients’ faces.

Nurse Minion 

This DIY option is seen in magazines like Good Houskeeping, and can be an even bigger hit if you work in a pediatrics unit! Simply find a yellow scrub top and blue scrub bottoms. Find a pair of goggles to wear on your head as the finishing touch. Bonus points if you can get other nurses to join you as a minion crew! 

Nurse Fairy 

Why heal with just medicine when you can add a sprinkle of magic, too? Pair your nurse uniform with wings, a fairy wand, and light, shimmering makeup to spread a sprinkle of healing magic wherever you go. 

Famous Nurses 

Step into the shoes of nursing pioneers like Clara Barton, Elizabeth Blackwell, or Mary Eliza Mahoney. Wear a name tag featuring your nursing hero’s name. Make it a conversation starter to recognize these significant figures! 

Pumpkin Spice Nurse 

Spread some pumpkin-spice cheer by dressing up as the coziest parts of fall. Opt for orange, red, or brown scrubs, pumpkin-themed accessories, and cozy orange socks. 

Halloween Costumes for Nurses Off the Clock 

Whether you’re heading to a costume party or handing out candy, you can rep your career in style with healthcare-themed Halloween costumes for nurses: 

Retro Nurse 

Step into a time machine and travel back to a specific era in nursing history. Pick a past decade — let’s say the ’50s or ’70s — and concoct a nurse outfit that’s a blast from the past. Research clothing styles, accessories, and even nursing equipment from the era to fully capture the look. 

Zombie Nurse

Into scarier costumes? Take the classic nurse uniform and add a spooky twist with torn and fake-blood-stained clothing. Complete the look with zombie makeup, and carry a fake bloody IV bag around. This costume is sure to give everyone the chills. 

Dr. Pepper

Who says Halloween costumes for nurses have to be spooky? Grab a stethoscope, a white coat, and a shirt with a “Dr. Pepper” logo. Take it to the next level with a name tag that reads “Dr. Pepper,” and grab a can of soda. It’s a prescription for fun that’ll tickle everyone’s ‘funny bones.’ 

Grey’s Anatomy 

If you’re an avid binge-watcher of Grey’s Anatomy (or any medical drama, for that matter), dress up as your favorite character for the night. Wear scrubs, a white coat, a stethoscope, and a fake name tag with your character’s name on it, whether Meredith Grey or Dr. Derek Shepherd.  

Nurse Joker

Fan of the Batman movies? Channel the Joker’s iconic look in The Dark Knight.  

Inject a dose of mischief into your costume by painting a sinister smile onto your face, adding vibrant green hair (or a wig), and accessorizing with a stethoscope. 

Doctor Frankenstein 

It’s one of the classic Halloween costumes for nurses for a reason: Grab a friend and dress them up as Frankenstein’s monster. Capture your mad scientist vibes with a lab coat, stethoscope, rubber gloves, and messy hair. 

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