4 Common School Nurse Interview Questions & How to Answer

Last Updated on May 30, 2024

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Nursing is perhaps one of the most selfless and rewarding career choices out there. School nurses work in a school setting and provide education and care to children. This can be caring for sick children in the school setting and providing education through health curriculums. Additionally, taking care of children while being a school nurse adds extra rewards and satisfaction by seeing them grow and learn.

However, to get a job lined up, you need to be able to answer school nurse interview questions. Employers may ask you a range of questions that you need to prepare for. Additionally, the school nurse interview questions may range from basic, clinical, and advanced in nature. So just how do you answer interview questions as a school nurse? Let’s explore!

School Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

When answering interview questions for school nurses, it is essential to sound confident and knowledgeable. When working with children, a school district will want to hire someone who has the necessary skills, and is confident in their abilities as a nurse. The interviewer will want to see through your answers that you love being a nurse and taking care of children.

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Question: “Why are you interested in being a school nurse?”

There may be several reasons you want to be a school nurse, so organize those ideas and let them know why. Let them know about the impact you want to have on children’s lives. Tell them a story about when a school nurse helped you as a child and how it inspired you to become a nurse.

Question: “How do you handle situations with irate or upset parents?”

Being a nurse does not mean you are not human as well. It is essential to listen to the parents and hear out their concerns. Be sure to show them empathy and that you are concerned and see things from the parent’s point of view. The interviewer will be looking for clues about your character and how you conduct yourself in different situations and scenarios.

Question: “When performing a lice check on a child that comes back positive for lice, how would you handle the situation, so the child does not get upset or embarrassed?”

It is important not to overreact to lice as it is a common occurrence among children in school.  It is important to remember that children may be embarrassed about having lice and could be upset about being isolated from their peers. Being patient and discrete is best in these situations.

Question: “A child comes into your office having an asthma attack; what do you do?”

An asthma attack, if not taken care of, could become an emergency fast. It is imperative that you check the student’s health plan and give the student the properly prescribed medication as soon as possible and measure treatment outcomes with a peak flow meter if available. If treatment is not helping, the next best step would be to call an ambulance and the parents.

Common School Nursing Interview Questions: Extra Credit

Before finishing the interview, you’ll most likely be asked to present questions of your own. Use this opportunity to get any information about the job that you don’t already have. This is also an opportunity to discuss any of your skills or accomplishments that may not have come up yet, and let them know why you are the best candidate for the position.

Don’t miss the chance to respond to “why do you think this job is right for you?” with a great elevator pitch highlighting your skills and experience. If you’re bilingual, make sure to bring it up before the interview ends, if you haven’t already. 

>School Nursing Interview Tip: You should also be sure to know about 504 Plans, IEP, HIPAA, IDEA, or FERPA and what each of these terms means. Letting your interviewer know that you are knowledgeable with these terms is important for your tasks and duties as a school nurse.

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