Meet the April 2021 CareerStaff Unlimited Clinicians of the Month!

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

Collage of photos of the Clinicians of the month of April 2021

We’re excited to introduce the CareerStaff Unlimited Clinicians of the Month for April 2021! Meet Andrei, April, Kaneisha and Melisa, nursing professionals from across the United States. 
And this month, we’re especially excited to announce that April is also the winner of our quarterly raffle! All Clinician of the Month nominations are included in the raffle, with the winner scoring an additional bonus on top of the list of amazing CareerStaff benefits. Congratulations April, and thanks to everyone in our network for being a member of the CareerStaff family! 

CareerStaff Clinicians of the Month, April 2021

Meet April

April, a CNA who works out of the CareerStaff Orlando office, is not only one of our Clinicians of the Month but also the winner of our quarterly raffle! She was nominated for being a “spectacular clinician” who “picks up shifts whenever we need help, no matter how far it may be. She is always so polite, positive and has wonderful communication skills.”

For her part, April told us that she takes inspiration from “knowing that these people in need of our care are totally dependent on us healthcare professionals,” she told us. “And to have someone is so dependent on me makes me want to be the best version of me I can be for them!”

It’s a vision that she’s been following since she was a teenager. “When I was 16, a junior in high school, I signed up for {an} extracurricular class where I was able to take half the day off from high school to go take a class to get my CNA license,” she said.

“At the time I honestly did it to just get away from high school lol. It wasn’t until I had to do my clinicals where I realized I was destined to be in healthcare and be part of that support system taking care of those in need.”

She’s been a CNA for 11 years now, working in long-term care and rehabilitation facilities with the elderly. She’s also been a CareerStaff clinician for about half a year. “I’ve been working with career staffing for about ⅘ months now and I’m happy to be with such a great company,” she said.

4 Quick Questions!

What’s the best part of your day? “Getting to hang out and chill with the patients and listen to the many stories they have to tell.”

What’s the personal accomplishment you’re proudest of? “Traveling has really gotten me out of my comfort zone and taught me no matter where you are your work and work ethics always remain the same.”

What’s your favorite memory about working with CareerStaff? “My favorite memory with CareerStaff is when I accepted an assignment to work at the developmental center. It was a great experience for me being able to work in such a different environment with different types of patients.”

Is there anything you’ve learned that you’d like to share with others? “The thing that I learned over the years and want to tell younger people and even some older ones is that you should always remember our patients didn’t ask for some of these situations and complications they face every day. So greet them with a smile and do everything wholeheartedly.”

Meet Andrei

Andrei “was one of the first nurses to jump into our COVID needs and has been working in a busy unit” ever since, in the words of his referring colleagues. During that critical time, he also helped his facility optimize the way it treated patients in “difficult conditions,” sticking it out with passion and determination.

A part of the CareerStaff family since October 2020, Andrei has been a professional nurse since graduating with a BSN in 2014 and worked as a patient care tech for a year before that. CareerStaff has given him the chance to “meet great recruiters like Dena, and working with awesome people in the Puget Sound area,” he told us.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people and taking care of them,” he said, adding that his favorite aspect of working as a nurse is “observing the healing process and seeing how people can make a recovery from all kinds of traumatic life events.”

Andrei’s passion comes from seeing the results of his hard work with patients. “Seeing the positive impact of being there and caring for people even when they are distressed and lash out,” is still inspiring to him, as is “seeing their appreciation and happiness when they get better,” he said.

“Even though this career can have good compensation at times, remember that the calling is not about money,” he added. “Caring for people goes above that. If you’re in healthcare just for the money you will not be happy.”

4 Quick Questions!

What’s the hardest part of your job? “Seeing people give up on themselves.”

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the day-to-day life of the working clinician? “Severe measures of PPE during Covid. It’s been a tough year.”

What’s the personal accomplishment of which you’re most proud? “Working in various healthcare settings and getting my MBA in three months (June 2021).”
What’s the best part of your day? “Greeting people with a positive energy in the morning/beginning of shift and helping them remain encouraged and happy throughout the day.”

Meet Kaneisha

With her positive attitude, helpful spirit, and “endless compliments from patients and clients alike,” Kaneisha is not only an amazing nurse but “such a pleasure to work with,” in the words of her referrer.

Kaneisha has been a clinician for almost eight years — and a nurse at heart since childhood. “I knew that I wanted to help people ever since I was a little girl,” she told us.

During that time, she’s seen a few changes, some of which are truly exciting. Technology is one of those positive changes: “As new things develop a lot more different options for treatment,” she said. “It’s an amazing thing!”

As far as finding motivation during a difficult time, she told us that she takes inspiration from “contributing to the well being physically and emotionally. Putting a smile on my patient’s face always makes my day!”

A member of the CareerStaff team for about six months now, Kaneisha praises the quality of service. “The staff is very patient and kind,” she said. “They are always willing to assist in any way possible.”

4 Quick Questions!

What’s the best part of your day? “Having someone one on one time with my patients. Letting them know how special they are to me.”

What’s the hardest part of your job? “When others are not a team player. We are here to help and spread love, working together just helps smooths the process.”

Is there anything you’ve learned that you’d like to share with other healthcare professionals? “Be patient. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and use the criticism you get to make you better not bitter.”

What’s the personal accomplishment you’re proudest of? “I finished college during the most difficult point of my life. I am so proud of myself and the ability to help others.”

Meet Melisa

“Melisa goes above and beyond as a CNA,” as her glowing referral puts it. “She is always available for last-minute needs when other nurses have to call off. At the start of the pandemic, she was very flexible with working with COVID patients and where she would work. We get nothing but compliments about how much our facilities like her and they even tell us that her patients love her as well. She is the most-requested CNA from our facilities too.”

As with other frontline COVID workers, Melisa has endured her share of dark times over the past year. “I think the hardest part of my job is when I must experience the death of a patient,” she told us. “Day-by-day interaction with the patient creates links and emotional connections between the patient and the healthcare provider. As a CNA, I care for residents and have affection for them; therefore it is hard when it’s time to say goodbye.”

A graduate of Cal State San Bernardino with a Bachelor’s in criminal justice with honors, Melisa has been a CNA for almost five years, and a vital member of our important team of per diem nurses for almost a year now. She traces her passion for healthcare back to childhood.

“I remember the day that I decided to become a CNA,” she said. “I took a lot of things into consideration, like my wanting to do a difference in the life of others and also thinking about the knowledge and experience I would be able to acquire if I was able to work as a Certified Nurse Assistant.”

Meeting that goal wasn’t a cakewalk, but through persistence, hard work, and determination, Melisa made it happen. “Despite being a single mother, responsible for my mother, and having to cover 100% of my household expenses, I was able to wisely manage my time prioritizing my family, work, and study hours, so I could be able to accomplish my goals,” she said.

“It is rewarding to know I was able to achieve this goal despite the fact most people tried to discourage me by telling me that it was impossible.”

Through it all, Melisa has found motivation in the simple act of helping others. “Caring for the most vulnerable population is rewarding because I know I am making a difference by having a positive attitude, being professional, and performing my job the best I can daily,” she said.

That attitude goes to the heart of what makes Melisa a standout clinician. “During my time working in the medical field, I have learned that two of the most important skills are quality communication and empathy for others,” she said.

“I think is very important to be able to communicate with your co-workers, patients, and family members. For example, being able to inform the health team about changes in patient behavior is vital to the safety and health care of a person. Lack of communication can create big problems and escalate quickly.”

Empathy is also an essential skill for today’s nurses, she added. “Trying to imagine ourselves in the situation of a patient always gives us a better understanding of the reasons for giving the best of ourselves when we take care of people.”

4 Quick Questions!

What’s the best part of your day? “When a patient thanks me and blesses me for helping them and make them feel better by making sure they are safe and they have the support they need to be able to perform their daily life activities.”

What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced during your career? “The biggest change I have noticed has been the improvement of my communication skills. I’ve gotten a lot of experience in how to approach different types of people and what level of communication to use with each one. I feel more confident when it comes to understanding the needs of a patient.”

What’s your favorite memory about working with CareerStaff? “I have a lot of memories of working with CareerStaff; one of them is the memory of making new friends by working in different facilities.”

What’s your favorite nursing memory? “I think one of my favorite memories is when I was working with the elderly and one of the patients ask me if I could play piano for him and he surprised me with beautiful singing. He made my day!”

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