CNA Week 2023: Celebrate Certified Nursing Assistants Week

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Are you ready for CNA Week 2023? This year, June 15th through 21st is National Certified Nursing Assistants Week. As a CNA, you are unstoppable, and as one of America’s best sources for CNA careers, CareerStaff is proud to join in the celebration. Read on for more details about CNA Week and how to celebrate the incredible impact you make each day!

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CNA Week 2023: “We’re Unstoppable!”

This year, the theme for CNA Week 2023 is “We’re Unstoppable,” and for good reason! Whether it’s in a hospital, nursing home, senior care center, or even a patient’s home, CNAs are truly essential to keep people safe and healthy, especially seniors and those with disabilities. Because we’re a trusted source of great jobs for Certified Nursing Assistants, we understand how unstoppable you are.

But it isn’t just patients who benefit from the job CNAs do! By helping out with important tasks like onboarding and checking in with patients, CNAs help nurses, doctors, and other clinicians do the best work they can.

“An Incredible Moment in History for CNAs”

Certified Nursing Assistants have always been essential caregivers, and since the pandemic, CNAs have continued to be more valuable than ever before. As the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA) points out, the last three years have marked “an incredible moment in history for CNAs.” So, if you’re a CNA, let us be the first to say thank you!

Inspired by Nurturing Each Patient’s Wellbeing

We are proud to help you follow your inspiration and do what you love best: helping the people who need you each day. CNAs don’t just offer clinical care, they listen to patient concerns and make sure patients are emotionally comfortable too.

“My best part of the day is interacting with my patients and meeting their needs,” as Tyneshia, one of the CareerStaff’s featured clinicians, told us.

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I have learned that the patients look to us to listen to their concerns and complaints and to be their voice. Our job is all-encompassing in regard to the patient’s wellbeing.

Finding Inspiration for CNA Week 2023

Need inspiration to celebrate you as a CNA? One resource is the NAHCA’s Celebrate CNA Week Toolkit. With the toolkit, you can let your voice be heard and celebrate your dedication to care! You can download and print a banner to display at your workplace, along with other sources of inspiration.

Additionally, the toolkit includes social media posts that you can share on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to join in on the CNA Week celebration on socials!

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We not only celebrate and recognize your achievements, but we also support your career development all year round. Find helpful resources for your healthcare journey, including tips on developing your CNA resume with the “11 Skills for your CNA Resume” guide and more!

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