Celebrate Nurses Month 2023: You’re More Than a Nurse… You’re a Difference Maker!

A licensed practical nurse smiling in front of a solid blue background for nurses week and nurses month 2023.

May is National Nurses Month 2023, and we’re kicking it off with a month-long celebration! Nurses continue to be a driving force behind healthcare, and a symbol of comfort and well-being to millions across the nation.

From a week-by-week guide to Nurses Month themes to special giveaways and more, you won’t want to miss the Nurses Month fun and festivities here at CareerStaff!

What Is National Nurses Month, and Why Does It Matter?

Since 1993, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has led the nation in recognizing Nurses Week. Kicking off with Nurses Day on the 6th, the week wraps up on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. However, the celebration of nurses doesn’t stop there. In 2021, Nurses Day and Nurses Week were expanded into National Nurses Month!

Today, National Nurses Month is a way for everyone to celebrate you: all of the nurses working hard to care for folks who need it, all across the country. Your impact is felt not only in hospitals and acute care facilities, but also in nursing homes, schools, senior communities, urgent care centers, and many other settings!

Nurses Month 2023: More Than a Nurse… a Difference Maker

We know that you’re more than a nurse – you’re a difference-maker. To recognize nurses as the true difference-makers you are, we’re recognizing you all month long! 

Join us this Nurses Month for weekly themes, features, and giveaways that celebrate you:

  • Week 1 (May 1-7): This week centers around the theme of Self-Care. Foster and maintain your mental health, physical health, and overall wellness as a nurse.
  • Week 2 (May 8-14): It’s Nurses Week – let’s recognize our difference-makers! Join us for a fun week recognizing you and your impact. We honor the nurses in our communities who continue to shape the future of healthcare every day.
  • Week 3 (May 15-21): With a focus on professional development for nurses, access resources to cultivate your nursing career journey. Learn how you can excel in your nursing career, and how to lead and inspire others.
  • Week 4 (May 22 to 31): It’s community engagement week! How can you get engaged beyond the bedside? From nursing advocacy and education to joining nursing organizations, learn how to get connected in your community this week.

That’s not all! On top of our Nurses Month updates here, don’t forget to stay tuned on our socials, too. We’ve got a few Nurses Month giveaways lined up, with cool gear like designer scrubs or a new Fitbit up for grabs every week!

Celebrate Nurses Month 2023 with CareerStaff!

At CareerStaff, we truly value and appreciate you: the nurses who make a difference in so many lives. 

Not only are we proud to celebrate you this Nurses Month, we’re honored to be the preferred source of career opportunities for so many nurses. Across every corner of the United States, you can trust CareerStaff for great local assignments, travel jobs, per diem contracts, and so much more.

Learn more about working with CareerStaff, or fill out our quick online application now. Thank you for being a difference maker, and Happy Nurses Month 2023!