8 Best Nursing Podcasts to Ignite Your Career  

A nurse wearing a blue sweater and headphones, attentively listening to a round up of the best nursing podcasts for professional development and inspiration.

As a nurse, staying informed, motivated, and connected to your profession is essential for personal and career growth. One amazing way to achieve this is by tuning into the best nursing podcasts. These audio shows not only offer a wealth of information, career tips, and inspiring stories from the healthcare field, but they can serve as a form of self-care too! 

We’ve curated a selection of eight of the best nursing podcasts that cover a range of genres, from lifestyle to career advice. So grab your headphones, and let’s get into the world of nursing podcasts.

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Explore The Best Nursing Podcasts

The Healthcare Happy Hour

The Healthcare Happy Hour is the perfect podcast for when you’re short on time or just enjoy bite size information. This podcast focuses on recapping the current week’s top issues in healthcare, health insurance, politics, and policy. A must-listen for the nurse looking to stay updated on the latest industry news. 

NursePreneurs Podcast

NursePreneurs is a podcast specifically for nurses looking for motivation and inspiration from fellow nurses sharing their stories. Each episode includes guests sharing their strategies, tactics, business insights, and more to help you kickstart your own entrepreneurial endeavors alongside your nursing career.

Straight A Nursing

Straight A Nursing is one of the best nursing podcasts for prospective nurses. This must-listen educational podcast helps support nursing students and help them excel in their studies. Focused on breaking down complex topics and providing must-have study strategies, Straight A Nursing is a valuable resource for individuals currently in nursing school. Hosted by Nurse Mo, a nurse educator with a passion for teaching, Straight A Nursing offers clarity and guidance to nursing students at every level.

Real Talk School of Nursing Podcast

Real Talk School of Nursing is another one of the best podcasts for those new to the complex world of nursing. This A+ podcast focuses on building community and support among nurses and nursing students. The Real Talk School of Nursing podcast focuses on shared experiences rather than content that is taught in school, making it relatable and authentic to the nursing student experience.

The Good Nurse Bad Nurse Podcast

The Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast is perfect if you’re looking for a mix of entertainment and education. This show features stories from the world of nursing, ranging from heartwarming tales to unbelievable encounters. Hosted by two registered nurses, The Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast sheds light on the ups and downs of the nursing profession while keeping it lighthearted and fun!

Your Next Shift

Your Next Shift, hosted by Elizabeth Scala, focuses on empowering nurses to find career fulfillment and make a positive impact in their roles. Through interviews with nurses who have embraced career transitions and found their calling, this insightful podcast offers inspiration and practical advice for nurses seeking new opportunities or to make a difference in the workplace. Therefore, Your Next Shift is one of the best podcasts for nurses exploring how to grow as a nurse.

The Nurse Keith Show

The Nurse Keith Show is one of the most comprehensive podcasts that covers a wide range of nursing-related topics, from healthcare technology and innovation to personal and professional growth. Your host, fellow nurse Keith Carlson, invites experts and thought leaders to share their advice and experiences in the nursing space.

FreshRN Podcast

The FreshRN podcast is specifically created for nurses by a fellow registered nurse. This highly-relatable podcast covers a wide range of topics, including personal experiences, nursing procedures, dealing with difficult patients and family members, and numerous tips to help you navigate your nursing journey. Fresh RN provides invaluable insights and support during these challenging times, making it one of the best nursing podcasts.

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