7 Best Nursing Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Last Updated on May 21, 2024

Level up in your career with a flexible schedule! Discover the best nursing jobs that prioritize a little "me time" and nursing work-life balance.

Let’s talk about something we all crave in our lives: Work-life balance. It’s not just a buzzword. It’s a real need. So why not level up in the new year with the best nursing jobs for work-life balance? In your nursing job, you deserve to meet your professional and personal goals.

The good news is, achieving nursing work-life balance is possible, especially when you choose specific settings or structures that support flexibility. To help, we’ve gathered some of the best nursing jobs that scream minimal stress, flexibility and more say in your day-to-day!

Why Level Up Your Nursing Work-Life Balance?

A 2023 study found that 28.5% of nurses struggled with minor work-life balance issues, 15.5% had moderate issues, and 12.5% had a severe work-life imbalance.

Still, nearly half of the participants enjoyed some sort of positive nursing work-life balance. While it can be a struggle for many, it’s more than possible to find work-life balance as a nurse.

It all comes down to two main factors:

Scheduling Flexibility

Because nursing is such an essential profession, nurses can find themselves in roles with demanding hours and schedules that leave them feeling burnt out and exhausted. Nurses are increasingly seeking roles that provide flexibility, allowing them to better manage their time and personal commitments.

Depending on your personal goals, you might find nursing work-life balance by choosing a certain job structure, like PRN (as-needed) jobs or per diem contract roles. Or it might mean finding a setting with different nursing shifts, 9-5 hours and weekends off, like school nursing.

Pro Tip: When working with your nursing recruiter, you can let them know what kind of schedule you’re hoping for and get connected to the best nursing jobs that support it.

Less Stressful Environments

Nursing will always have its stressful moments. But certain specialties and settings offer relief from the high-stress atmospheres, like hospitals or emergency centers.

For example, one of the best nursing jobs for work-life balance is home health nursing. It allows you to deliver personalized care in a patient’s home. This shift away from the hospital setting can contribute to a more relaxed and comfortable dynamic, benefiting both patients and nurses.

This is just one example! Opting for more low-pressure, relaxed environments can make it easier to find nursing work-life balance and leave “work” at work.

Best Nursing Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Looking for the best nursing jobs for work-life balance? From low-stress environments to flexible scheduling, here’s a list of roles and settings that support greater nursing work-life balance.

School Nursing Jobs

School nursing is an ideal option for those who thrive in a structured environment with predictable hours. As a school nurse, you play a crucial role in supporting your students’ health and wellness.

As far as nursing work-life balance goes, your schedule will align with the school’s calendar, providing extended breaks during holidays and summers. This makes school nursing one of the best nursing jobs for work-life balance, especially if you have kids of your own.

Home Health Nursing Jobs

Home health nursing offers a unique opportunity to provide personalized care in a less clinical and more familiar environment. No crazy alarms, no overhead pages — just you, your patient, and a more relaxed vibe.

Nurses can create flexible schedules that accommodate both their professional and personal commitments. This environment and setup can help lower your stress levels, empowering you to deliver quality care while maintaining a healthy nursing work-life balance.

PRN/Per Diem Contract Nursing Jobs

For those seeking ultimate flexibility, PRN or per diem contract roles are the way to go. Want to take a long weekend? Need to attend your kid’s soccer game? No problem. You call the shots.

These are some of the best nursing jobs for work-life balance, as they allow you to choose when, where, and how much you work. While the lack of a fixed schedule may only suit some, this option can lead to a more satisfying nursing work-life balance and flexibility.

Travel Nursing Jobs

Adventure seekers, this one’s for you. Travel nursing offers a unique blend of career advancement and exploration.

Travel nurses take on short-term assignments in various locations, experiencing different healthcare settings and cultures. The flexibility of choosing assignments and locations can contribute to a fulfilling work-life balance, as you can align your work with your personal interests and travel goals.

The stress of your job may vary depending on your setting, but your flexible schedule and exciting downtime can offer the work-life balance you seek.

Occupational Health Nursing Jobs

Occupational health nursing is one of the best nursing jobs for work-life balance. You can enjoy predictable hours and focus on preventing issues rather than tackling emergencies.

Working in corporate settings, you’ll contribute to employee well-being by managing health and safety programs. The Monday-to-Friday schedule often allows for weekends and holidays off, promoting that sense of work-life balance you crave.

Case Management Nursing Jobs

Nurse case managers work behind the scenes, ensuring patients get the care they need with their compassion and coordination skills.

With a more predictable schedule and a focus on coordinating care, nurse case managers find a sweet spot between professional responsibility and personal time. This role offers a unique path for achieving nursing work-life balance with a realistic workload that can often fit into traditional working hours.

Clinical Nursing Jobs

While the setting itself is similar to hospitals, clinical nursing jobs can offer work-life balance, depending on the clinic’s schedule.

In settings like outpatient clinics or ambulatory care, nurses often experience a more predictable schedule compared to the chaos of the hospital. You’re still knee-deep in patient care but with a rhythm that aligns better with a balanced lifestyle.

Find the Best Nursing Jobs for Work-Life Balance

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