7 Best Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs to Explore

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Looking to shake things up in your nursing career? Exploring non-bedside nursing roles might be just the change you’re looking for. While bedside nursing certainly has its perks, non-bedside roles offer some of the best nursing jobs for those seeking a different pace and focus on their nursing careers.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of non-bedside nursing jobs, the top roles, and tips on how to land the best nursing jobs.

Why Explore Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs?

Improved Work-Life Balance

Many non-bedside nursing jobs offer more consistent schedules — think paid holidays, no weekends, and even 9-5 hours. While any job can get hectic, working outside of a hospital setting in non-bedside nursing jobs can offer extra flexibility and make it easier to “leave work at work.”

Variety of Care

While bedside roles sometimes feel repetitive, non-bedside nursing jobs offer more variety. You might take on tasks outside of direct patient care, adding a refreshing change to your day-to-day routine.


Some non-bedside nursing jobs can be slower-paced and less stressful. For example, as a school nurse, you likely won’t be working hands-on with a patient your entire shift. While emergencies still arise, there tends to be less in these settings. For some, this may be less exciting. For others, it makes them the best nursing jobs, breaking up patient care and allowing them to slow down.

Best Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

What non-bedside nursing jobs are you interested in? From management roles to patient-centered roles, you have options. Let’s look at some of the best nursing jobs that offer non-conventional perks:

Nurse Educator

What you’ll do: As a nurse educator, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of nursing. You’ll work in academic settings, guiding nursing students through their education. Your tasks might include developing curriculum, teaching in classrooms and clinical settings, and providing mentorship to aspiring nurses.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: Becoming a nurse educator allows you to share your expertise and passion for nursing with the next generation! You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of impacting students’ lives while benefiting from a structured schedule and opportunities for professional growth.

School Nurse

What you’ll do: As a school nurse, you’ll be the frontline advocate for student health and wellness. You’ll assess and treat student injuries, administer medications, and educate both students and staff on health-related topics.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: School nursing provides a fulfilling balance between independence and impact. You can also enjoy summers off and the satisfaction of promoting a healthy school environment.

Case Manager

What you’ll do: Always commended for your organization and communication skills? A career as a case manager could be perfect for you. As a case manager, you’ll work closely with patients and healthcare teams to coordinate care and ensure timely access to services.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: Case management jobs offer non-bedside opportunities to make a difference in patients’ lives. You can enjoy a more predictable schedule and the fulfillment of seeing your efforts contribute to health outcomes.

Nurse Leadership Roles

What you’ll do: Have big plans and ideas for the nursing industry? Nurse leadership roles, such as nurse manager or director of nursing, might be your calling. In this non-bedside job, manage nursing departments, mentor staff, and collaborate with other healthcare leaders.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: Nurse leadership allows you to influence healthcare delivery on a broader scale. Working less with patients and more with nurses, you can create a more positive work environment for your team. You’ll also enjoy opportunities for career advancement and increased pay while shaping organizational policies.

Cath Lab Nurse

What you’ll do: As a cath lab nurse, you’ll specialize in cardiovascular care. You’ll assist cardiologists during procedures and support patients through their treatment.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: Cath lab nursing offers a blend of high-tech procedures and patient interaction. You’ll find fulfillment in making a significant impact on your patients’ lives while enjoying great pay and opportunities for further specialization.

OR Nurse

What you’ll do: If you thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy hands-on patient care, working as an OR nurse might be what you’re looking for. You’ll collaborate with surgical teams, assist during procedures, and monitor patient safety in the operating room.

Why it’s one of the best: OR nursing offers more excitement and variety compared to other non-bedside nursing jobs while still offering opportunities outside the traditional bedside environment.

Occupational Nurse

What you’ll do: If you want to work completely outside the clinical setting, consider a career as an occupational nurse. You’ll assess workplace hazards, provide first aid, and collaborate with employers to support their employees’ wellness.

Why it’s one of the best nursing jobs: Occupational nursing can be slow-paced and low-stress. Its scheduling often aligns with the workplace, potentially giving you a 9-5 schedule with weekends and holidays off.

How to Get the Best Nursing Jobs

Assess Your Skills & Interests

Reflect on your strengths, skills, and interests to choose non-bedside roles that align with your professional goals. The best nursing jobs are the ones that match your unique strengths and values.

Gain Relevant Experience, Education, & Certifications

Consider advancement opportunities, getting additional education or certifications to boost your qualifications for your dream non-bedside nursing job. When you can, volunteer for initiatives that align with the role or setting you’re interested in.

Work with a Recruiter

Want to find the best nursing jobs? Work with a nursing recruiter. They can help connect you to roles based on your unique strengths, goals, and priorities.

Find Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs

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