New School Nurse Tips: Back-to-School Checklist for Success

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Back-to-School Checklist for School Nurses

As summer winds down, schools and educational facilities are getting set for the start of the next school year. To help new school nurses in their mission of starting that year as prepared as possible, here’s a quick, comprehensive back-to-school checklist of tips for school nurses from the CareerStaff experts.

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CareerStaff’s Back to School Tips for New School Nurses

As a new school nurse, day-to-day life for school nurses can be tough to predict. But, while many parts of the job can quickly change, the traditional goals and tasks are still in place. School nurses still have to set medication and screening schedules and secure medicines and sensitive paperwork, for instance. That said, new school nurses will have to prepare as best they can for the health of the students under their watch.

One way to prep for the new year is with a back to school checklist! To help new school nurses approach essential tasks with the best possible mindset, here’s a handy back to school checklist of tips for success.

✔ Give yourself time to get set up

The first day or even couple of weeks of work are no time to be late. While you’re also under no obligation to show up too early or work more than you’re expected to, there’s still much to be said about arriving to work with plenty of time to spare.

For starters, giving yourself that extra time can do wonders for your mental wellbeing on those stressful first days of school. It can also help make sure you’ve got time to double-check everything before the school day kicks into gear, and make sure you’re as ready as possible before the kids even start arriving.

✔ Double-check state and local regulations

As a new school nurse, one pro tip before the school year is to check local immunization requirements. Since Covid-19, requirements have shifted dramatically in some areas. Whether it’s the school district, city, county, or state, take the time to look into what the current policies are for immunizations, as well as privacy and other concerns. From there, work to make sure those policies are understood and adhered to as you plan out your strategy.

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✔ Consult your co-workers

While some schools employ just a single nurse — and even some districts — other educational facilities may employ an entire team of nursing professionals, as well as therapists and other clinicians.

If you’re new, find out just who you’ll be working with, and in what capacity. Likewise, if you’re returning, find out if anything has changed. By doing so, you can work toward your own success by making sure that everyone is included when you’re setting and coordinating your strategy for the year ahead.  

✔ Get acquainted with the school’s facilities and equipment

If you’re working in a new facility this school year, take the time during your first few days to get as familiar as possible with the buildings and grounds. Of course, this should begin with a full review of the medical facilities and equipment. But, don’t stop there! The better acquainted you are with the entire school setting, the better prepared you’ll be for any emergencies and other challenges.

✔ Get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with students

School nurses generally start working before the new school year begins. This gives them some time to set up and prepare. That said, one of the most critical jobs during this phase is to get acquainted with the students under your watch.

This responsibility means, taking note of existing conditions, medications, allergies, special needs or any other considerations that will require your attention. However, if this information isn’t already organized in a way that’s easy to find and use, it’s worth your time to make sure it is.

✔ Double-check the list of new students

After reviewing the student list, take another look at all the new entries on the list. It’s especially important to get records on new students and their specific conditions. From there, make a point to speak to them and their parents about any other important considerations that may not be included in those records. This should be done as early into the school year as possible.

✔ Set a proactive plan for parents

As a school nurse, parents will likely play a big role in your day-to-day life in the year ahead. As you establish an organized list of student needs, make sure to include the parents, too. Don’t forget to include their emergency contact info. If you’re missing any information, reach out with any questions you have that may affect the student’s well being.

✔ Meet the teaching staff

As a new school nurses, another great tip is to get acquainted with teachers. Whether or not the health of the teachers falls under the responsibility of the school nursing team, they have a constant presence in the workplace. Proactively connecting with members of the teaching staff gives you the chance to get another view of the conditions of students, as well as an extra set of eyes for potential issues that may arise.

✔ Keep a positive outlook

We know that the daily life of a school nurse can be a stressful one. The educational environment itself has changed a lot in the past few decades, and tensions can be high in some facilities. So, setting a daily reminder to keep a positive outlook could be the most rewarding addition to your back-to-school checklist.

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Staying positive looks a little different for everyone. It could be simply repeating to yourself that you’re doing the best possible job you can, or that you’re helping those in need. Take the time to jot down whatever it is that you find most inspiring, or whatever motivates you to face the new school year with as much confidence and enthusiasm as possible. Be sure to keep it handy before diving into the next school year!

✔ Always have your recruiter’s number handy

If you’re working a school nurse assignment from CareerStaff, you’ll have an extra resource for getting prepared for the year ahead: access to an amazing recruitment professional whose job it is to help you succeed! Remember to reach out with any questions you have about your assignment. If you have any confusion about salary, scheduling, or other concerns, they’re here to help!

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