3 Reasons Why Nurses Work Holidays with CareerStaff

3 Reasons Why Nurses Work Holidays with CareerStaff

Have you heard? The CareerStaff Holiday Bonus Program is back, offering nurses the chance to earn hundreds of dollars in bonuses by working holiday shifts. But in a job that often make nurses work holidays already, why would you volunteer for extra holiday shifts? If you’re not thrilled with the idea of spending Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s on assignment, we have a few pretty good reasons to re-consider!

3 Reasons Why Nurses Work Holidays with CareerStaff

#1: The Chance to Earn Extra Cash

The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy, good cheer and fellowship. But all that socializing and gift giving comes at a price! For many travel and per diem nurses, working holiday shifts on top of their regular assignments are a great way to pay off those holiday season credit card bills, stat.

Travel jobs often pay better than standard assignments, so when nurses work holidays via travel assignments they can quickly boost funds (at a time when they might be desperately needed). On top of that, nurses who travel with CareerStaff receive a stipend for their travel and housing expenses, so rent’s covered, too.

Even better, CareerStaff travelers get access to our holiday bonus program, for the chance to earn more than $1,000 by volunteering for some upcoming shifts on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Nurses working on assignment with us in local and per diem shifts are eligible, too. You can learn more about our CareerStaff 2022 Holiday Bonus Program here.  

#2: The Chance to Help Others in Need

Of course, the main reason why nurses work holidays is to help those in need. Obviously, this includes the patients who need care, just as in any other day of the year, but who may live in rural or remote areas. The urge to help others is a driving force for many nurses, and the holiday season is the perfect time to put that instinct to use for those in need.

And when nurses work holidays, they help more than just patients. When you take on a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day shift, you may be giving an overworked young parent the chance to spend that time at home with their family. Especially if you don’t usually celebrate the holidays yourself, volunteering for just one of these shifts could have a powerful impact on another nurse.

> What holiday shifts are eligible for the CareerStaff Holiday Bonus Program? Find out here.  

#3: The Chance to Take Control of Your Holidays

We get it, the hard-working or overworked nurse who just wants to spend the holidays with their family probably describes most of the folks reading this. Yet we also know that, for many people, the chance to escape a stressful family get together — and have a perfectly good reason for doing so — may be an incredible holiday gift in its own right.

And for those nurses who really want the chance to do something different this year and truly take control of their own holiday experience, working a travel job could be a life-changing opportunity. Here at CareerStaff, we’ve got literally hundreds of travel nursing jobs available at any given time, all throughout the country.

That means nurses willing to relocate for a few months have their choice of amazing destinations. From the sunshine of southern California to snow-capped ski slopes in Colorado — or a chance to experience a warm weather winter season in places like Vegas, Phoenix or Florida — travel nursing jobs will literally take you to exciting new places in your nursing career. And it’ll do so while giving you the chance to help others in need and earn some extra cash while you’re at it.

You can learn more about traveling with CareerStaff here, and more about the CareerStaff 2022 Holiday Bonus Program here. Or if you’re ready to get started, you can submit a quick application here, or browse our current travel nursing jobs here. Good luck, and happy holidays!

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