Black Friday Gift Guide: 10 Great Nursing Gifts Under $10

10 Great Nursing Gifts Under $10

The gift-giving season is here again. But nurses and other busy healthcare workers don’t always have time to hit up the stores for those great Black Friday sales. So, for clinicians who may want to support their teammates with a thoughtful present — or anyone else looking for a simple way to say thanks to a nurse or other healthcare worker this holiday season — here are 10 easy-to-find nursing gifts under $10.

10 Great Nursing Gifts Under $10

Recent times have been tough for many folks. But thankfully, it’s still easy to find budget-friendly gifts. From basic clinical gear to healthy living essentials, here are 10 great nursing gifts under $10.

You can easily find these items on Amazon, Etsy, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart or a number of other stores, including your local supermarket. Many of those stores have free curbside pickup so you can avoid the hassle of in-store shopping. And most offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount, like $25 or $35. That means you’ll get free delivery when you buy just a few of the items below. And with December only a week away, it’s time to get the ball rolling to make sure your gifts arrive in time!

Please note: Gift ideas below are not sponsored, and CareerStaff is not affiliated with any online retailer or brand of products. We’ve included a link to a Google search for each item to help you find them at a local store of from an online seller. Just click the link for a variety of options for each gift idea below. Remember to buy only from sources you trust!  

#1: Water Tumblers & Coffee Mugs

One of the most basic but useful gifts for a busy nurse Is a new insulated mug or tumbler for toting their coffee or water. Especially for co-workers who are always carrying around plastic water bottles or paper coffee cups, this small upgrade can make a big difference. And you can give it some added flair and a thoughtful personal touch with a cool pattern, bright color, or a cartoon character you know they love.

> Search for budget-friendly mugs here, and water tumblers here

#2: Compression Socks

For many nurses, taking care of their feet is a top priority. While you won’t be able to find high-quality nursing shoes for less than ten bucks, you can score them some functional compression socks.

“Standing for long periods may lead to swollen legs,” as Braelyn Wood writes at Health magazine. “Compression socks have been shown to reduce this type of swelling.”

They’re also designed to minimize blisters, better support the heel and promote blood circulation. There are plenty of options for under $10, but remember, the more you spend, the more comfortable and durable they’ll be.

> Search for compression socks under $10

#3: Masks

Masks are here to stay in most healthcare workplaces and clinical facilities. And, while they’re often provided by employers, some nurses might appreciate an extra supply. You can find packs of N95 respirator masks for less than $10 online. Or, stock up with boxes of colored surgical masks, which can be also found at many supermarkets and big-box retail stores.

> Search for respirator masks under $10

#4: Stethoscopes

While more seasoned nurses and clinicians may prefer to own their own high-quality stethoscope, new nurses who are just getting into the swing of things may appreciate having an extra one on hand. Whether they use it as a starter or a backup, budget-friendly stethoscopes are a classic nursing gift under $10.

> Search for stethoscopes under $10

#5: Stethoscope IDs & Badge Clips

Most nurses have to wear an ID badge when at work. Help them put a little color in their day-to-day duties with a cute pattern, design or picture for that badge or stethoscope ID. Some websites may let you customize it with their name, or a picture of a cartoon or pet. And remember, this stuff is easy to lose, too, so having a few backups on hand might be appreciated!

> Search for budget-friendly stethoscope IDs and badges

#6: Lotion & Hand Cream

Every nurse knows the importance of keeping their hands moisturized. Washing multiple times a day takes its toll, especially in the winter months. Hand cream is essential to relieve dry, cracked skin, and a backup supply is always a good idea. For $10, you should be able to find a good bottle of quality lotion or cream with ingredients that are vital to skin health, such as shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.

> Search for affordable hand creams and lotions

#7: Scented Candles

Great for after-work relaxation, candles are a reliably affordable way to give a nurse or clinical worker a little something extra this holiday season. Scented candles can provide relaxing aromatherapy with a variety of different scents, like lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus and chamomile. So, if you know a nurse’s favorite aroma, you might just make their day with a new scented candle.

> Search for scented candles under $10

#8: Pens

Although electronic systems have largely taken over, pens are still a necessity in most clinical settings. And they can also be surprisingly hard to find in busy nurse stations! Many durable, high-quality ink pens can be found for well under $10, whether online or at your local big box store. Or, a box or two of regular pens might be appreciated by those nurses who are always searching for one.

> Search for nurse-friendly ink pens

#9: Tote Bags & Shoe Bags

Tote bags, backpacks and shoe bags are often used by busy nurses, and replacing one that’s worn out — or having an extra one for the workplace — can be very helpful. Shoe bags are especially useful for keeping civilian footwear clean and fresh while at the workplace. And they’re affordable, too, available for well under $10 at most online retailers.  

> Search for shoe bags here, or nurse-friendly tote bags here

#10: Heating Pads, Hand Warmers & Heated Scarves

Because they can relieve pain and soreness, heating pads make great gifts for hard-working nurses, especially at a time of year when they’re probably working harder than ever. There are plenty of affordable options for hand warmers and heated scarves, too, which may be especially appreciated by those working in colder climates.

> Search budget-friendly heating pads here, and hand warmers under $10 here

Go Beyond Nursing Gifts Under $10

Helpful as they are, the low prices for most of these items mean they’re going to be more functional than fun. If your budget is flexible, you can seriously upgrade the quality of an insulated water tumbler or a pair of compression socks by spending another $10 or $20. It also opens you up to new gift ideas like a flower subscription, an insulated lunch box or even a free day at the spa. Check out our holiday gift guide for healthcare workers for some more ideas over $10.

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