Now Offering Full-Time Nurse Jobs, Benefits of Becoming a Permanent Staff Nurse

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

healthcare nurse at her new job behind a healthcare facility

We are thrilled to announce that full-time nurse employment opportunities are now available to the CareerStaff Unlimited network! Our nurses and clinicians can now take on full-time, permanent opportunities with some of the most respected healthcare facilities in the country.

Right now, you may be considering the pros of switching from being a contract or travel nurse in order to make your decision. Sure, being a travel nurse is fun, but at some point, you need stability, and that could be for a variety of reasons; maybe you started a family, or you need to be closer to a loved one to care for them. From higher compensation and job stability to being closer to family, here are three primary benefits of taking on full-time employment opportunities with CareerStaff.

Higher Compensation

PayScale, BambooHRhas, and other platforms estimated that staff nurses earn approximately $31.13- $36.22 per hour, which is $2 more than other nurses, and this validates the general consensus that staff nurses typically earn a higher income than other RNs. The same goes for CNAs and LPNs who are employed in permanent positions. Even though travel nurses can earn more based on compensation and stipends, as a staff nurse, usually you are able to pick up more shifts, especially if you are proficient and experienced.

Job Stability & Professional Growth

As a full-time nurse, you’ll have a stable job at a healthcare facility. As such, you will avoid the worry of always having to seek a new contract, as in the case of travel nurses. Your staff nurse position allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a secure job that does not require you to move from one location to the next while indulging in tiresome and sometimes stressful job shopping.

Being a part of a hospital’s or health facility’s permanent staff can bring an abundance of opportunities for career growth and possibly even paid training. Additional training, opens the door for career advancement.

Career Advancement

Career advancement is another advantage that you can benefit from as a full-time nurse. CNAs, LPNs, and RNs who work in full-time nurse positions can operate as specialists or generalists. Being on staff permanently improves your chances of progressing in a multifaceted profession. Furthermore, being in the hospital setting, you get the opportunity to work in various areas, such as the intensive care unit, medical, surgical, pediatric, and more. This exposure not only gives you a massive amount of experience; it also allows you to divert into specialized areas.

Being Closer to Loved Ones

With travel nursing, you have to move across the country non-stop, and if you have a family of your own or parents you need to care for, traveling becomes a burden. As a full-time nurse, you have the opportunity to work closer to home, and as such, you don’t have to miss out on family time with your spouse, children, parents, or other loved ones.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can derive from being a staff nurse. In these unprecedented times, having a permanent job is essential as it helps to reduce stress and worry. At CareerStaff, we aim to help you find the right, permanent position quickly and easily. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking for, and we will do the rest.

Refer A Friend to Work a Staff Nurse Job!

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