7 Ways to Make a Difference with Hospice & Home Care Jobs

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

7 Ways to Make a Difference with Hospice & Home Care Jobs

November is National Home Care & Hospice Month, a time to celebrate the millions of hard-working clinical professionals who make such an enormous difference for patients and their families across the United States. To all the nurses, therapists, home care aides and social workers working hospice and home care jobs across the country, we say thanks!  

“These heroic caregivers play a central role in our health care system and in homes across the nation,” says the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) at the official 2022 National Home Care and Hospice Month webpage.

“To recognize their efforts, we call upon all Americans to commemorate the power of caring, both at the home and in their local communities, and ask them to join with the NAHC by celebrating November as Home Care and Hospice Month.”

7 Reasons to Work Hospice and Home Care Jobs for National Home Care & Hospice Month 2022

Here at CareerStaff, we’re doing our part to fulfill the mission of National Home Care and Hospice Month by bringing awareness to these essential workers, and by helping to recruit skilled, dedicated professional to fill the many open hospice and home care jobs.

And as one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing and recruitment providers, we know better than most how important that work is! So, at a time when more healthcare is shifting to the home — and when workers like you have more career options than ever before — here are a few good reasons to work home care and hospice jobs with CareerStaff Unlimited.

#1: Helping Better Serve Seniors

Many seniors today prefer at-home care, for a variety of reasons. Telehealth technology has enabled aging at home more than ever before, while Covid-19 has led to an increase in the use of those remote care systems.

So, as more and more care shifts to the home and hospice setting, more workers are needed to handle an increasing number of clinical, assistive and social services that were once mostly carried out in hospitals and nursing facilities. That means more home care jobs are opening in communities across the country, leading to more career opportunities for nurses, therapists, aides and other workers.

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#2: Assisting those in need

Of course, a huge amount of at-home care isn’t for people who simply prefer to stay at home, but who may not be able to travel to a facility. They may live in a city that’s too far away from the specialty care they need, or they may not even be able to travel within their own city due to a disability or their financial situation.

For these people, shortages of hospice and home care workers have a real impact. By working hospice and especially home care jobs, nurses, therapists, aides and other professionals can make a real difference to someone who’s truly in need of help.

#3: Delivering meaningful care to End-of-Life patients

Hospice care is an important but often overlooked career path for nurses, therapists and aides. Yet it offers a rich variety of experiences, and many opportunities to provide patients with meaningful care at a time when they’re particularly vulnerable.

“Hospice is not about giving up hope, but instead about new hope,” as New Hampshire’s Community Hospice House explains. “It’s about carrying out an individual’s wishes at end of life while controlling symptoms and pain. It’s about maximizing a patient’s time with loved ones before they pass on. It’s about providing emotional, spiritual and social support to patients and their families.”

Helping make a patient’s last moments as comfortable and hopeful as ever is no small job. But for those who feel particularly empathetic or emotionally giving, hospice assignments can offer rewards like few others.

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#4: providing essential care for veterans

Each year, more home care jobs focus on veteran care. Like the general shift to at-home settings for senior care, new telehealth technology and the recent pandemic have played their role in this trend. Nurses, therapists, aides, case managers and other workers looking to help serve those who have served the country can find opportunities to do so by working hospice and home care jobs.

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#5: helping rural and remote communities

Hospice and especially home care job seekers have the chance to make a direct impact on communities in different ways from facility-based assignments. By traveling to a patient’s home, these workers are bringing the expertise of physician-directed care to literally new places, helping sustain communities that lack the facilities to provide adequate care for its residents.

#6: recognizing and Supporting home health aides

One full week of National Home Care and Hospice Month is dedicated to home health aides. Hardworking and dedicated but often overlooked, these essential workers are particularly important for meeting the requirements of quality home healthcare.

Helping to provide essential care to seniors, as well as those who are disabled or suffering from chronic disease, home health aides not only administer basic clinical care but also provide important social assistance. So, a day in the life of a home health aid could range from setting up a ventilator to driving a patient to a doctor’s office, or the supermarket.

That’s a big job, and it’s important to recognize the folks who do it every day — and to help support them by working hospice or home care jobs in nursing, therapy or social work.

#7: Connecting with the CareerStaff network!

Of course, the perfect way to celebrate National Home Care and Hospice Month is by landing a new assignment in hospice or home care with CareerStaff! As the nation’s leading provider of nursing and healthcare careers, we can not only connect you with a great home health or hospice job in your area, but also a network of thousands of clinical jobs in every corner of the United States.

You can get started right now by submitting a quick application here, or by checking out all our open hospice jobs here and all home healthcare jobs here. Good luck, and Happy National Home Care and Hospice Month 2022 from your friends at CareerStaff!

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