How to Get Hired in Healthcare: Spring Clean Your Job Search

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Spring is all about new beginnings. Ready to spruce up your resume and refresh your healthcare job search? Get started with this in-depth guide on how to get hired in healthcare and find your next job opportunity.

Update Your Resume & Cover Letter

Like tidying up your home, your healthcare job search starts with organizing your resume and cover letter. Make a habit of regularly updating them with your latest experiences, education, certifications, and skills so you’ll always have them ready in case your dream healthcare role comes around.

If you’re actively applying and trying to figure out how to get hired, tailor your resume to each specific role. Identify the specific job requirements and match them with your authentic strengths.

Tidy Up Your Online Profiles

Think of your LinkedIn profile as the window to your professional world. Give them a good spring cleaning by updating your information to reflect your current skills and experiences.

Research shows that over 3 in 4 healthcare recruiters use LinkedIn to see if you’re the right fit for the job. Just like your resume, make sure your LinkedIn is up-to-date to reflect all the mad skills and experience you’ve gained since your last log-in. This doesn’t just apply to LinkedIn, though. One survey showed over 2 in 3 recruiters check your social media accounts before hiring you.

Do some ‘social spring cleaning’ by tidying up your social media accounts to make sure they present a professional image.

Refresh Your Skillset

Spring cleaning isn’t just about decluttering — it’s also about growth. If you don’t have many new skills to add to your resume, take it as a sign to go out and get them! For example, focus on increasing in-demand skills as a nurse or expertise as a physical therapist so you can feel more confident in your healthcare job search. Or even find a certification to complete or a volunteer opportunity to join.

Reset Your Mindset

Sweep away the self-doubt and go into the healthcare job search with a positive attitude. When updating your resume, reflect on any positive feedback you’ve received in the past year. Notice how much you’ve grown and use this when learning how to get hired.

Celebrate your wins and use your healthcare job search to ‘refresh’ your mindset and remind yourself why you chose your impactful career path.

Too often, candidates limit themselves to one job board and leave feeling frustrated, not knowing why they aren’t getting hired. To help, here are tips on how to get hired and start your healthcare job search with success and direction:

Rather than casting a wide net, focus on finding your target. There are endless options in the healthcare job search. Narrow your options by focusing on your unique skills, finding your specialty, and identifying what’s in demand. Start there so it’s easier to learn how to get hired.

Use Your Network

As the saying goes, “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.” Ask around for recommendations and referrals. Use that newly refreshed LinkedIn profile of yours!

Work with a Healthcare Recruiter or Staffing Agency

This is the ‘life hack’ healthcare professionals wish they knew when they first started their healthcare job search. Work with a healthcare recruiter or staffing agency, like CareerStaff, and they’ll match you with roles based on your personal and professional goals — all at no cost to you.

This can help give you access to more roles and insights on how to get hired from industry professionals who know exactly what facilities are looking for.

How to Get Hired by Nailing Your Interview

So, you’ve got an interview lined up — congratulations! Here’s how to get hired and nail the interview process.

Know the Facility

Every facility has its own definition of the “best candidate” because they have specific workplace needs and cultures. Set yourself apart by doing some detective work and investigating the facility’s unique goals. Understand what they’re looking for and align your specific skills accordingly.

Prepare for Common Interview Questions

Research typical interview questions for the role and setting you’re applying to and practice your responses. Even if you don’t get asked these questions, this preparation can help you feel more confident and prepared.

Highlight Your Distinct Strengths

While it’s tempting to hand out cookie-cutter answers, you can stand out and increase your chances of getting hired by being true to yourself. Don’t just recite the job description. Understand what skills they’re looking for and see where they authentically align with your unique strengths, skills, and experiences.

Show Your Willingness to Improve

If you’re early in your healthcare job search and career, demonstrate your willingness to grow and learn within the role. Share that you’re willing to volunteer for initiatives, complete additional certifications, or take on challenges.

Evaluating Job Offers & Making a Decision

You’ve spruced up your resume and nailed your interview. Now, you need to evaluate job offers and make a decision! Here are tips to help you choose the right one for your goals:

Compare the Salary and Benefits

Research the average pay based on the level and experience of the role in your area. Before you get hired, make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth — just don’t forget to factor in benefits and bonuses!

Get an Idea of the Work-Life Balance

What kind of work-life balance do you want? From PRN nursing to part-time gigs, find a role that allows you to take care of your wellness, too. Stay flexible while getting clear answers on the hours and schedule you’ll be expected to work.

Identify Career Growth Opportunities

Think ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Now, does this role support these goals as a nurse or healthcare professional? See if the organization has growth opportunities to support your vision.

Take Care of Yourself

The healthcare job search is exciting… and exhausting at times. That’s okay. If you don’t get the offer you want immediately, remember: There’s something else waiting for you ahead.

Remember, see each success and setback as an opportunity to learn and do even better. Plus, it makes for a great reason for some much-needed self care!

Start Your Healthcare Job Search and Get Hired

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