Meet the CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for July 2022

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Introducing the CareerStaff Unlimited Clinician of the Month for July, 2022! We’re honored to have Natalie, a truly amazing nurse, as part of the CareerStaff team. And we’re also thankful to every other nurse, therapist, tech, pharmacist and clinician working hard to provide patient care each and every day. You are appreciated!

Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie, CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for July 2022

A clinician since 2015, Natalie is not just a licensed practical nurse but also an inspiration for nurses everywhere with her remarkable story about deciding to become a nurse in her mid-forties.

“I was taking care of an aunt and a neighbor’s mom, because I was laid off and they needed help,” she told us. “A childhood, long-time friend who’s a nurse said, ‘Natalie, go to school!’ You’re good at this. Get paid for it! I said, ‘I’m 45, you’re nuts! How will I pay for it??? I’m working part time.’

“She insisted that I look into it,” she continues. “So, I did! I went back to community colleges, and it took me five years, but I did it! And I’m grateful for all the support I had from family and friends along the way!”

It should come as no surprise that she lists that achievement as one of the moments she’s most proud. But it’s certainly not her only source of pride and inspiration! When asked what she’s most proud of, her immediate answer was her son.

“The fact that he’s 32 and still calls me for advice sometimes!” she says, then adds a few more accomplishments: “Finishing the LPN program and managing to get associates in general studies as well. It took five years, but I did it studying with classmates who had gone to school with my son! It helped me stay young and make friends of all ages. And I hope it made me a great nurse, friend, mom and person, too!”

With more than a year of experience working with our nationwide nurse recruitment network, Natalie told us about her earliest and favorite CareerStaff memory.  

“I had been working home health, and hadn’t worked a floor in five years,” she said. “I was anxious and so nervous. But after that shift, the interaction with the clients was amazing! They were fun, but it was also difficult and challenging to know their needs and meet them.

“I did it, and felt so accomplished that they were accepting of me. It was a memory care floor, and sometimes those aren’t as accepting of new people. The fact that I could draw them out and get cooperation was a great feeling!”

She goes on: “I’ve met some great people at CareerStaff who’ve been wonderful and supportive. I’ve learned so much from other clinicians and patients as well!”

And what does she love best about her job? “The patients and their stories and perseverance! So many amazing life stories — being able to make a difference in their day!”

4 Quick Questions

What’s the best part of your day? “When the patients see me doing rounds and are happy to see me. Sharing a joke or telling me how their day is going! Them asking, ‘Are you coming back tomorrow??'”

What’s the hardest part of your day? “When patient or family is dealing with end of life or a downturn in health, and we can only make them comfortable. I’m a fixer by nature, and an empath. That’s my biggest challenge with nursing! To balance — to know that I’m doing all I can, the best I can. God has his plans, and I can only do so much!”

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the day-to-day life of working nurses over the past 10 years? “Technology and infection control! It evolves constantly!”

Have you learned anything that you’d like to share with young healthcare professionals? Always take the training! Be open to new experiences, education and don’t be scared to take the chance ! Follow your dreams! You’re a hero ! Patients need us, families need us. Advocate for them! It’s ok to be tired, take a day for you!!! We need to stay healthy to keep patients healthy!!!

On behalf of everyone at CareerStaff, we want to thank Natalie, our Clinician of the Month for July 2022, for all of the amazing work she does, each and every day! We’re fortunate and honored to have nurses like her on the CareerStaff team. And thanks to all of the other nurses, clinicians, and healthcare professionals doing incredible and dedicated work every day!

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