CareerStaff Joins ShiftMed: Your Healthcare Job, Unlimited

smiling healthcare professional in purple scrubs holding smartphone at job

Say hello to a whole new level of flexibility and work-life balance! We’re thrilled to announce that CareerStaff Unlimited has joined forces with CareSave Technologies, Inc., the owner of ShiftMed, to revolutionize your nursing or healthcare job search. 

Get ready for a new era of healthcare: Discover a more seamless shift scheduling process, endless new opportunities, and a glimpse into the thrilling future of your career at your fingertips! 

Coming Soon: Your Healthcare Job, Your Way

Looking for your next nursing or healthcare opportunity? For over 30 years, CareerStaff has connected nurses, therapists, and clinicians like you with thousands of jobs nationwide. Together with ShiftMed, you’ll soon enjoy enhanced perks and an even better work experience:

Total Job Flexibility: Your Schedule, Your Rules!

Picture this: 8 hours one week, a whopping 40 the next—how’s that for living life on your terms? With zero shift minimums, you call the shots, even when it comes to holidays! It’s time to seize control of your schedule, crafting a work-life balance that’s as unique as you are—all at the touch of your smartphone.

Hassle-Free Commutes for High-Flying Shifts

Long commutes cramping your style? Not anymore! Soon, you’ll enjoy discounted rideshare services, making those far-flung, high-paying shifts a breeze to reach. Say farewell to transportation woes and hello to hassle-free journeys toward your career goals.

Unlock More Exclusive Opportunities Nationwide

Are you ready to spread your wings and explore? With ShiftMed, the sky’s the limit! Gain access to an even wider array of exclusive facilities with more nursing and healthcare job opportunities across the country. From coast to coast, we’ve got you covered.

Your Pay: No More Waiting Games!

Who likes waiting around for payday? No one. Featuring instant pay and next-day pay options coming soon, plus the security of guaranteed shifts, you can breathe easy knowing your hard work pays off—literally!

More Than Just a Healthcare Job: It’s a Lifestyle

And let’s talk perks—because who doesn’t love a little extra? Get ready to fatten up your wallet with competitive wages, holiday pay, and bonus opportunities. But that’s not all! Brace yourself for seasonal employee sweepstakes, giveaways, and a treasure trove of more exclusive perks that will leave you feeling like the VIP you truly are.

Get Started: Ready to Dive into Flexibility?

The future of your career is bright, and it’s in your hands! Together with ShiftMed, our priority is also to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible, all while delivering the unparalleled support you’ve come to expect from CareerStaff Unlimited.

Don’t wait another moment—Quick Apply today to kickstart your journey and unlock a more flexible, fulfilling healthcare job experience. Your adventure begins now!