5 Best Travel Healthcare Jobs to Explore

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Interested in taking your talents on the road as a healthcare professional? In this complete guide, discover the ins and outs of travel healthcare jobs: Their surprising benefits, the best healthcare jobs for travel, and how to get started.

From travel nursing to therapy, unlock your sense of wanderlust and adventure with travel healthcare jobs!

What to Know About Travel Healthcare Jobs

How Do Travel Healthcare Jobs Work?

Travel healthcare jobs are short-term contract assignments found across the country, typically lasting around 13 weeks. For each assignment, you’ll often work at a facility in a new city or state. You can find some of the best healthcare jobs for travel in nursing or therapy roles.

Do You Have to Be Licensed in the State?

Yes. You’ll need to meet the licensure requirements in the state where you’re practicing. Each state and role has unique requirements.

For Nurses: Joining the Nursing Licensure Compact is a game-changer. It lets you practice in multiple states without needing to take extra exams. You can learn more about the program here.

For Therapists: Similarly, therapists can explore the PT Compact, OT Compact, or ASLP-IC for streamlined licensure. Otherwise, you’ll need to meet the state’s specific requirements, which can be found here for PTs, here for OTs, and here for SLPs.

Where Do You Find Travel Healthcare Jobs?

The easiest way to find travel healthcare jobs is by working with hiring agencies like CareerStaff. They’ll guide you through the entire process to make your travel dreams a breeze — including your job search, contracts, licensing, and more!

Surprising Benefits of Travel Healthcare Jobs

Travel assignments offer more opportunities for your career and personal life. Here’s why they’re some of the best healthcare jobs in the industry:

Travel Healthcare = More Money

Travel nurses and therapists can earn significantly more than regular staff. In fact, travel physical therapists can often earn 15-20% more.

In 2023, the average travel nurse base salary was $2,139 per week. However, some CareerStaff travel nurses earned up to $3,000 per week! It all depends on your location, facility, experience, and housing/travel stipends.

More Networking Opportunities

Working in different places means meeting new faces in healthcare. It’s a great way to open doors for future career moves, advancement opportunities, and collaborations.

More Experiences

Travel healthcare jobs bring two kinds of experience: Personal and professional. Besides boosting your career and broadening your skills, travel healthcare means seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures across the U.S.

The Best Healthcare Jobs for Travel

Thinking about applying for travel roles? Here are some of the best healthcare jobs for clinicians interested in turning their career into a new adventure:

Travel RN Jobs

Take your skills to new heights with travel RN jobs! As a travel RN, you’ll deliver specialized care in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities across different states to meet urgent healthcare needs.

You’ll need a nursing degree, pass the NCLEX, and get your state license. Experience in specialties like Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long-Term Care, and Medical-Surgical is often a plus.

Travel LPN Jobs

As a travel LPN, you’ll provide practical nursing care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics for short assignments.

After completing your practical nursing program and passing the NCLEX-PN, you’ll need to gain at least 1-2 years of hands-on experience as an LPN before applying to travel healthcare jobs.

Travel Therapy (OT, SLP, or PT) Jobs

Therapists can travel, too! Plus, with a high demand for therapists across the country, you can also find travel roles nationwide for occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and physical therapy. Travel therapists work in rehab centers, schools, and clinics, helping patients recover and improve their mobility and speech.

Once you’ve gained 1-2 years of experience, you can apply for travel assignments and get licensed in the state you’re working in.

The Best Healthcare Jobs for Local Travel

As a local travel nurse or therapist, you get to work at a nearby facility while staying close to home. Unlike traditional travel jobs, this lets you enjoy the adventure of making a difference in your home city, state, or in other nearby areas.

For instance, you want to expand your horizons — but maybe a cross-country journey is a bit too far. If that’s the case, here are some of the best healthcare jobs for local travel:

PRN Roles

PRN healthcare professionals jump into shifts as needed, working “on call” at various healthcare facilities in their area. They enjoy flexible schedules and often better pay per hour.

You can choose when and where you work, making it perfect for extra cash or fitting work around your life.

Home Health Settings

Get the variety you crave with all the comfort of home. Home health nurses and therapists provide personalized care to patients in their homes, helping with daily tasks and recovery.

While you may not travel across the country, you’ll travel across your city, getting a change of scenery while enjoying a more flexible schedule.

How to Get Started with Travel Healthcare Jobs

Interested in applying for travel roles as a nurse or therapist? You can get started with three main steps:

Step 1: Gain 1-2 Years of Experience

Starting a job at a new facility can be hectic as is. But regularly doing so requires skill and confidence. Get at least one year of experience before applying to travel jobs so you can feel prepared for the adventures ahead.

Step 2: Get Licensed in the State

Next, you’ll need to be licensed in the state you’re working in. Every state has its own requirements. If you can, see if the state you’re interested in offers compact licenses.

Ready to explore your next travel healthcare job? Lastly, make the process easier by working with a travel healthcare agency like CareerStaff. They’ll help you find travel assignments, meet licensure requirements, navigate contracts, and more.

Discover the best healthcare jobs nationwide now, or quick apply below to learn more about travel healthcare assignments and start your search today.