New VA Hospital Career Opportunities for Nurses & Clinicians

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

VA nurse taking care of man on wheelchair wearing a mask

Attention nurses, SLPS, technicians, PTs and PTAs, OTs and OTAs and pharmacists! We’re recruiting healthcare professionals of all types and specialties for VA hospital career opportunities across the United States.

If you’ve never worked a job with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), why start now? We’ve got a few good answers to that question. Not only are VA hospital jobs a constant source of career opportunities in pretty much every corner of the United States, they also offer the satisfaction of offering vital assistance to our nation’s veterans and their closest loved ones.
“We are united as an organization to deliver on President Lincoln’s promise to honor and care for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country,” as the VA website states. “Every day, we’re dedicated to showing how much we care for our Veterans.”

The Benefits of a VA Hospital Career

Working in a VA hospital setting means caring for those who have served the U.S. military in some capacity, and sometimes their spouses and immediate family. VA hospital careers also offer the satisfaction of tackling new challenges and working with a tight-knit team, united in their dedication to their important task.

If you’re not won over by the satisfaction of caring for the nation’s veterans, consider also that VA hospitals have experienced staffing shortages in recent years, leading to an even greater need for great nurses and clinicians to work these important jobs. As a result, administrators have worked to overhaul the quality of the VA hospital workplace, so assignments in these facilities today often involve working within new facilities and with cutting-edge technology.

This also means that nurses and clinicians who find that they love the work and want to pursue full VA hospital careers have a wealth of future opportunities in front of them. And as a partner and approved vendor of the U.S. federal government and all federal pharmacies, we have a rich variety of amazing assignments you won’t find with other partners.

Even if it’s just a single assignment, a VA hospital job is a great milestone on any nurse or clinician’s resume. To that end, our nationwide network and unique selection of jobs means we can connect you with the VA assignment that’s right for your career, as well as help you leverage that VA hospital career experience to land great assignments in the years to come.

It’s all part of our commitment to offer meaningful career development for our nurses, therapists, pharmacists and other clinicians. We also offer a suite of great benefits, including competitive pay, 24/7 support, full medical coverage with dental and vision, weekly direct deposit, a flexible schedule and more. You can learn more about our lineup of benefits here.

And remember, when you work any assignment with CareerStaff, your safety is our top priority. During the pandemic and into the future, we’re offering advanced procedures for ensuring safety to our healthcare professionals — and we’re continuously improving them based on constant feedback. You can read more about our Covid-19 safety policies here.

Earn a Bonus When You Refer a Friend for a VA Hospital Career Opportunity

If you’re not seeking new career opportunities at the current time but know a nurse or clinician who is, refer them for a VA hospital career opportunity with CareerStaff and you could score a bonus of up to $750! Learn more about the CareerStaff Nurse Referral Program here and the Clinician Referral Program here.

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