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Last Updated on November 29, 2021

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America needs nurses and clinicians. And we’re helping meet this need by connecting RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs and other clinical and nursing professionals with crisis nurse travel jobs across the U.S.A.

If you are a nurse seeking a new opportunity to help a hospital or other facility in this time of crisis, there are a few good reasons to work with CareerStaff — such as:

  • Higher rates of pay for crisis response professionals
  • Immediate openings and the chance to quickly transition into a new role
  • Career benefits that include full insurance, weekly direct deposit and more

There’s also the chance to support fellow nurses on the front lines. The latest spike in Covid-19 cases has left many of those working in hotspots“exhausted, both physically and emotionally,” as emergency room nurse Cyndy O’Brien describes the situation on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi to Andrew Jacobs at The New York Times.

Jacobs goes on to describe the “hospital-wide domino effect” caused by the shortage of nurses, and the “traffic jam” caused by understaffed ICUs. The effects of Covid-19 patients are well known, but that traffic jam is also prolonging wait times for people suffering from other injuries or illness.

Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast are especially in need of crisis workers. Communities across these states — and in quite a few others, too — are officially in crisis mode. And nurses and allied health workers looking to help join the fight have plenty of immediate hire opportunities to choose from, as well as the chance to earn increased crisis pay.

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Why Work A Crisis Nurse Travel Job With CareerStaff  

Why should you trust CareerStaff Unlimited with a crisis travel nurse job or allied health job? We’ve got 4 good reasons.

1. Immediate placement. There’s no time to wait in line. When you do choose a travel recruitment company, make sure to find one that can immediately place qualified nurses and clinicians in jobs across the United States.

2. A nationwide network of jobs. At CareerStaff, we’ve always got literally hundreds of jobs available at any given time, and immediate opening in the facilities that are most in need of your help. That means you can quickly find jobs in the states where you’re licensed to get started asap.

> Got an NLC license? One license lets you work in dozens of states. Learn more here

3. Crisis pay and travel stipends. Demand is huge for travel nurses right now. Make sure that the recruiter you work with offers you the higher rate of pay that goes along with that demand. At CareerStaff, we offer immediate placement with jobs offering crisis pay, as well as stipends to cover housing and meals.

4. Great benefits. On top of crisis nurse pay, our travelers also get stipends and access to an amazing suite of benefits that includes health and life insurance, 401(k) matching, CE and fitness center reimbursement, and more.

Find Your Next Crisis Travel Nurse or Allied Job Today

Demand has never been this high — and we need your help today! If you’d like the opportunity to help a community in need while also building your resume and boosting your earnings in the process, we want to hear from you, stat. You can search all crisis travel jobs here to get started now.

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