Speech Pathology Jobs Spotlight: Top SLP Settings, Pay and More

Last Updated on April 12, 2024

Speech Pathology Jobs: SLP Settings, Average Pay & More

Happy Speech Language Pathologist Day from CareerStaff! May 18th is National SLP Day, a time to celebrate the important work speech language pathologists (SLPs) do every day. Mark the occasion with us as we explore popular SLP settings, average pay, where to find the best speech pathology jobs, and lots more!

Happy National SLP Day from CareerStaff!

If you haven’t heard of National Speech Language Pathologist Day, you’re not alone. While it seems to be getting more attention in recent years, awareness of SLP Day could be higher. In the words of Natalie Snyders, an SLP writing at her own website: “Not many people actually know that this is a holiday, but I think it is worth sharing the news!

“If I could make a wish for National SLP Day, I would wish for more people to know what my title is,” she adds, “and some of the things I actually do in the school setting!”

Here at CareerStaff, we’re happy to help the cause by spreading the word about SLPs. As one of America’s leading sources of healthcare jobs, we happen to know that SLPs are in demand like never before. For speech therapists looking to expand their career horizons, here’s a quick look at the SLP profession, the most in-demand settings, and where to find the best jobs.

Speech Pathologist Job Outlook

If you’re a speech-language pathologist, chances are great that you have a bright future ahead of you! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for SLPs is growing “much faster” than other jobs.

What should SLPs expect to earn from all of these opportunities? The BLS estimated the median hourly pay for speech-language pathologist to be $40 an hour. That amounts to almost $84,140 per year. Today, however, the job listings at CareerStaff show that employers are hiring SLPs for quite a bit more than that — from $50 to $60 an hour, and more.

Speech Pathology Jobs: Top SLP Settings

Why is demand so high for SLPs? More and more settings are hiring speech therapists to help provide essential care to different kind of patents. Most speech pathology jobs take place not in hospitals but in educational and senior care facilities. A look at the CareerStaff job search page shows speech pathologist jobs cross a variety of settings, including:

SLP Settings: Schools

Educational facilities are the biggest employer of SLPs. They provide more than 50% of all speech pathology jobs, according to ASLHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association). Most of these jobs are in pre-K through grade 12 schools, but many can be found in colleges and Universities, too.

Because they work to help overcome issues in communication, language and social interaction, SLPs are a natural fit for schools. As places where young people develop these and other essential skills, schools are employing speech pathologists more than ever.

SLP Settings: Nursing and Long-Term Care

Long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) employ more SLPs every year. Speech pathology jobs in these settings involve care for elderly patients who often have chronic conditions, as well.

SLP Settings: Hospitals

In hospitals, SLPs treat people recovering from injury or other conditions like stroke. This includes acute care and post-acute treatment. Demand is also high for SLPs in pediatric care departments.

Other SLP Settings

Speech therapists are also getting hired by outpatient care providers, corporations, government organizations and public health departments, and other settings, too. See what’s available now by browsing the CareerStaff SLP job search page.

Find Speech Pathology Jobs across the U.S. with CareerStaff!

So if you’re interested in finding new speech pathology jobs and career opportunities, you’ve come to the right place! At CareerStaff, we’re proud to offer amazing opportunities all across the United States. When you work with us, you’ll not only find great jobs coast-to-coast, but you’ll get top pay and amazing benefits, too.

See for yourself: Check out our job search page now to view available SLP jobs nationwide, or get the ball rolling by filling out a quick application today.

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