Announcing CareerStaff’s New Clinician and Nurse Referral Program

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

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We’re thrilled to announce a new clinician and nurse referral program available to the CareerStaff network! Over the past few years, and especially in 2020, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of assignments we have available on a daily basis. And we want your help making sure that these important positions get filled.

To make sure that these important assignments reach as many qualified nurses and clinicians as possible, we’re offering a bonus for referrals that result in successful placements. Simply refer a nurse, therapist or other allied professional to CareerStaff, and you could earn a referral bonus of to $750!

For nurses, the CareerStaff Nurse Referral Program includes all variety of nursing professionals, from CNAs, LPNs/LVNs and RNs to Chief Nursing Officers and Directors of Nursing. Opportunities are available for local and travel nurses, among other assignment types. Get all the details here.

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The CareerStaff Clinician Referral Program includes physical and occupational therapists, SLPs, pharmacists, psychologists, MAs and more, with local and travel assignments included. Get the full list here.

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How to Make a Clinician or Nurse Referral

It’s easy to make a clinician or nurse referral with CareerStaff Unlimited. Simply fill out our online Referral Form, send an email to, or contact your recruiter. (You must be an active CareerStaff clinical professional in good standing.)

To receive your bonus, your referral must begin working their assignment within 1 year of your referral to CareerStaff. You’ll receive your bonus the month after they complete 80 billed hours within their first 90 days of work. You can also ask your recruiter about the status of your referral at any time.

You can make as many clinician or nurse referrals as you’d like, so there’s no limit on the amount you can earn! We’re eager to fill these important assignments, so if you know of more than one qualified applicant, we’d love to hear about them all!

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Why Refer a Nurse or Clinician to CareerStaff?

Besides the potential to earn up to $750 with each successful referral, why else should you be excited to refer a friend or colleague to CareerStaff? For starters, you’ll be helping us help a facility in need meet its patient care goals. You’ll also be giving fellow clinicians the chance to land a great job at competitive pay that’s also pretty rewarding.

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“This agency is wonderful,” as one travel nurse from Connecticut told us. “The management is very nice and approachable when something or problem comes out in work. The on-call staff coordinator on weekends in Connecticut is so kind and very helpful.” (That’s the amazing Elise, for the record!)

“Awesome Company, excellent recruiter,” agrees an RN staff nurse from New Hampshire. “My agency always puts me first, and handles any concerns I have when presented. Love the relationship I have built with my recruiter.”

“Great company to work for,” says another nurse from Florida. “Loved school nursing. I loved the flexibility and being able to pick and choose the schools I wanted to go to and the days I wanted to work.”

Submit a Clinician or Nurse Referral Today!

So if you know any nurses, therapists or other clinicians who are interested in great new opportunities pretty much everywhere throughout the United States, we want to hear from you! You can find our nurse referral form here, and our clinician referral form here, where you’ll also find more details as well as full terms and conditions.

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