10 Reasons to Work with a Recruiter on National Healthcare Recruiter Day

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Day 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited! If you’re a nurse and clinician in our network, you know the value a great recruiter can offer, not just to your immediate job search but to your long-term career goals and day-to-day peace of mind, too.

And for those of you who haven’t yet worked with a professional healthcare recruiter, here are a few great reasons to consider doing so — and reasons to thank the great recruiters in the CareerStaff network. Thanks again, and Happy National Healthcare Recruiter Day!

10 Reasons to Work with a Recruiter National Healthcare Recruiter Day

#1: More opportunities. Healthcare recruiters can help you discover job opportunities you might not otherwise see. They often work for larger healthcare staffing companies that hold exclusive contracts with certain hospital systems and other employers. So, they can give you not only access but the first shot at jobs that are “unpublished” on the standard job boards.

#2: Better access. Those jobs are “unpublished” for a reason: Some employers want to make sure they’re selecting from the very best candidates, so they hire a recruitment company to offer a first-round that fits the bill as closely as possible. That means your recruiter is motivated to fill those positions and will notify you when there’s a match for your skills and preferences.

#3: Less time wasted. Imagine that — a recruiter who contacts you with jobs, instead of you having to actively seek out opportunities on your own (and often between shifts, if you’re currently working). With a healthcare recruiter on your side, you eliminate all the wasted time browsing job boards and submitting applications.

#4: Valuable expertise. Healthcare recruiters can often tell you a great deal about a potential job opportunity than you’d otherwise never know. From the environment to the type of folks who work there, they’ll have insider info you wouldn’t otherwise have. On top of that, they can help you with career goals like handling tough interview questions or building a better resume.

#5: Licensing and credentialing assistance. From the latest Medicare guidelines to the hiring policies of various hospital groups, healthcare recruiters stay up to date with industry policies and procedures. They want to make sure that the nurses and clinicians they recruit are ready to work, and will often help you get any licensing and credentialing you need for a specific role.

#6: Improving your job-seeking skills. Because it’s in their best interests to make sure they’re connecting the best possible health professionals with each available job, recruiters want you to perform your best at every interview. And so, they’ll help make sure you do so, providing valuable feedback to help you improve your resume, interview tips and much more.

#7: Salary negotiation made easy. Uncomfortable with salary negotiations? Not sure whether you’re requesting the right amount for the positions you’re seeking? No worries: Your healthcare recruiter can negotiate salary and benefits on your behalf, making sure you receive the best possible compensation for your time.

#8: Career connectivity. Getting to know your recruiter doesn’t just give you access to their career insights and negotiation skills. You’re also connecting with a highly placed professional who has relationships with clinicians, executives, administrators, Chief Nursing Officers and many others. And all those relationships could very well result in new opportunities down the road.

#9: Career development. Do your career dreams involve breaking into a clinical leadership role? Many nurses and clinicians have aspirations of transitioning into supervisory or director positions that allow them to have a larget impact in the facilities that they work in. Having the connections of a great recruiter can help make that dream a reality.

#10: The chance for repeat business. Recruiters take pride in their ability to find the right candidate for the job. And when that happens, all parties involved are usually eager to extend those assignments, or re-hire workers for new ones. So, even if you’re only interested in a temporary or travel job today, it could still develop into the chance for more work in the future.

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In addition to finding you good career opportunities, then, recruiters will work closely with you to customize not just your immediate work experience — facility type, location, etc. — but also to ensure that you earn a competitive salary and receive the benefits to which you’re entitled. (And did we mention that CareerStaff Unlimited recruiters are famous for being friendly?)

Whether you’re looking for a great new opportunity or just testing the waters of a new career, our healthcare recruiters are here to help. Ready to meet one? Just fill out this quick application to start to get connected to the CareerStaff network. And Happy Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day from CareerStaff!

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