Why Being a ‘Great Place to Work’ Is Great News for Nurses & Clinicians

Last Updated on December 19, 2022

Group of healthcare clinicians waring stethoscope and blue scrubs giving the thumbs up

We’re proud to announce that CareerStaff Unlimited was recently named a Great Place to Work® for the third straight year! A testament to the amazing team of recruiters, administrators, HR specialists, managers and other pros who help keep our company and home office running strong, the award is also great news for the many healthcare workers in our network. 

For the RNs, LPNs, LVNs, CNAs, therapists, pharmacists, technicians and other administrative workers that we place in assignments across the country each and every day, our status as a Great Place to Work means a better culture, more engaged recruiters and more opportunities. Here’s a quick rundown of what that means, and why it matters. 

4 Reasons Why We’re A ‘Great Place to Work’ for Nurses & Clinicians Too

1. Happy employees mean engaged, hard-working recruiters. According to the Great Place to Work data, nine in 10 CareerStaff team members think it’s a great place to work, compared to the U.S. average of about 60%. That’s a huge level of employee satisfaction, and it’s reflected in the friendliness and can-do attitude of the recruiters and travel experts who work with the nurses and clinicians we place. 

As extraordinary as it is to have a 90% employee satisfaction rate, this really isn’t big news to the many healthcare workers who have already worked with us. Over the years, we’ve compiled some rave reviews about what they think about CareerStaff and the quality of our recruiters (which you can find on our nursing page).  

“CareerStaff has given me freedom that I’ve never had before,” a Virginia-based RN told us. “My recruiter has been the most valuable person in my professional life. Because of my recruiter, I’ve had opportunities to work in different aspects of nursing.” 

2. A focus on work/life balance means a positive culture. Even higher percentages of CareerStaff workers say they’ve been made to feel welcome (96%), that management does its job well (93%) and that they’re able to take time off when they need to (93%). All that adds up to a happy, positive culture, which extends to our clinicians as well as our employees.

“I love CareerStaff,” said one Florida-based LPN. “I like that my recruiters know me, and have learned my work ethic. They support me and think of me when new opportunities arise.”

“Great company to work for,” says a CT-based LPN about CareerStaff. “They truly look after their employees.”

3. A commitment to quality offers trust during a difficult time. As we’re all well aware, these are difficult times for healthcare. Before taking on a new assignment, workers should feel certain that the companies they work with are committed to their well-being via detailed Covid-19 policies.

Coming as it does from a team that’s committed to quality — and, not just in word, but, as our 90% employee approval rating shows, in deed —  and including advanced infection control processes and a quarantine reimbursement plan, CareerStaff’s Covid-19 policies reflect the commitment to the well-being of everyone in our orbit.

That not only echoes the findings of the Great Place to Work surveys, but it’s also a reason why so many workers have trusted CareerStaff for placement in acute care assignments to help fight Covid-19 across the United States.  

4. Great employees mean more jobs for healthcare workers. The motivation and focus our team brings to work every day doesn’t go unnoticed by our clients. As the many hospitals, health centers and other facilities we work with see the results of a motivated team, their trust in CareerStaff to provide top-quality clinicians grows, and so do our contracts. That means an ever-increasing variety of available jobs for the healthcare professionals in our network. 

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