7 Best Speech Therapy Jobs to Explore

smiling female speech-language pathologist helping young speech therapy patient in classroom

Looking for the best speech therapy jobs? Speech therapists, also known as Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), assess, diagnose, and treat communication and swallowing disorders in patients of all ages. From schools to nursing homes, you’ll work with patients to help them experience a better quality of life.

Discover some of the top settings for speech therapy jobs, their average salaries, and other benefits to skyrocket your career.

First, Why Choose Speech Therapy as a Career?

Speech Therapy is a Fast-Growing Field

Speech therapy is booming, with an above-average job growth rate of 19%. That means an estimated 13,200 new speech-language pathology jobs will open up every year for the next decade.

Earn a High Salary

On average, SLPs earn $92,630/year or $44.53/hour. Depending on where you work, you could make anywhere from $71,140 to $107,710 annually, or $34.20 to $51.79 per hour.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Enjoy some of the greatest flexibility over your schedule in the healthcare industry. Most speech-language pathology jobs are offered in school settings, which means great hours, weekends off, and even summers off.

Make a Difference You Can See

Beyond the pay and flexibility, the most rewarding part of speech therapy is making a significant impact on the lives of others. You can help patients communicate with loved ones, enjoy their favorite foods again, and better understand the world around them.

In-Demand Speech Therapy Jobs

Interested in a career in speech therapy? Here are some of the most in-demand settings and specialties to look out for:

Rehab Speech Therapy Jobs

Help patients in inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation units regain their speech and swallowing skills after a stroke or brain injury. You’ll work closely with them to find their words again, relearn communication, and explore alternative ways to communicate.

Why you’d love this role: Watching patients make dramatic improvements is incredibly rewarding — every success feels like a personal victory.

SLP Average Pay: Speech-language pathology jobs in hospitals pay SLPs an average of $98,790/year or $47.50/hour.

School SpeechTherapy Jobs

Want to make a difference in the classroom? As a school SLP, you’ll work with students from pre-K through high school to tackle language, fluency, voice, and swallowing disorders impacting learning and social skills. You’ll assess speech therapy needs, design treatment plans, and collaborate with teachers and parents.

Why you’d love this role: Enjoy a family-friendly schedule with school hours, summers, and holidays off. Plus, you’ll find yourself leaving work smiling as you help children overcome challenges and thrive in school.

SLP Average Pay: Speech-language pathology jobs for therapists in educational settings pay an average of $83,720/year or $40.25/hour. While this is a bit lower than the overall average, many school SLPs work fewer hours with weekends and summers off.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Jobs

Pediatric speech therapy professionals work in schools, as well as children’s hospitals and clinics, to help with feeding, swallowing, articulation, and communication challenges. Some even assist newborns in the NICU with feeding issues.

Why you’d love this role: It’s incredibly rewarding to see young patients make progress and know that you’ve played a role in their progress.

SLP Average Pay: Pediatric SLP and SLPA salaries vary by setting and location but are generally within the average range.

Long-Term Care Speech Therapy Jobs

In nursing homes, you’ll assist elderly patients with conditions like strokes, mental disorders, and respiratory diseases. Your focus will be on improving their swallowing, memory, problem-solving, and speech abilities.

Why you’d love this role: You’ll build meaningful relationships with your patients, offering them the support they need to enjoy their daily lives.

SLP Average Pay: Speech-language pathology jobs in long-term care settings pay SLPs an average of $108,640/year or $52.23/hour.

Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) Speech Therapy Jobs

You’ll work with patients facing serious medical conditions, often requiring ventilator support and intensive care. You’ll help them with swallowing, voice prostheses, and alternative communication methods.

Why you’d love this role: The challenge of working with critically ill patients provides a unique opportunity for you to develop specialized skills.

SLP Average Pay: LTAC SLP salaries depend on your experience, location, and facility. However, they’re often competitive on par with the speech therapy averages.

Home Health Speech Therapy Jobs

Visiting patients in their homes, you’ll often work with an aging population recently discharged from long-term care or rehab centers for stroke treatment. You’ll assist with swallowing, speech expression, motor speech, comprehension, and memory in a space they feel safe in.

Why you’d love this role: Enjoy the flexibility of different home environments and the chance to offer personalized, meaningful speech therapy.

SLP Average Pay: Speech-language pathology jobs for therapists in home health settings pay SLPs an average of $121,410/year or $58.37/hour.

PRN Speech Therapy Jobs

As a PRN (pro re nata) SLP, you’ll fill in for regular staff on an as-needed basis across various settings. This means more control over your schedule and pay.

Why you’d love this role: The freedom to choose your schedule, the variety of working in different environments, and the increased pay — PRN speech therapy jobs are perfect for those who love flexibility, variety, and balance. You can work as much or as little as you choose!

SLP Average Pay: Since they work when they are needed most, PRN SLPs and SLPAs often earn more per hour than staff professionals.

How to Find the Best Speech Therapy Jobs

Now that you know what roles to look for, where can you find them? The best way to find speech-language pathology jobs is by working with a healthcare recruiter, like the CareerStaff team. We’ll work with you to find positions that support your career goals, scheduling needs, and specialized skills.

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