CareerStaff Earns Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval®

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification! A symbol of quality that reflects CareerStaff’s commitment to ensuring the delivery of safe and exceptional patient care, the Gold Seal also demonstrates our continuous compliance with performance standards in connecting clients with talented healthcare professionals.

“CareerStaff is honored to receive The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Services Certification,” said Josh Bellus, COO of CareerStaff Unlimited. “This validates our mission to connect our clients with talented healthcare professionals ensuring the delivery of exceptional patient care. Our healthcare workforce solutions help clients meet their workforce objectives with quality standards top of mind and this certification reaffirms that.”

4 Reasons Why The Gold Seal Of Approval® Matters

So, what does our Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Health Care Staffing Services Certification mean to the many healthcare companies and providers who work with us — and those who may be considering using our industry-leading healthcare recruitment and managed services program?

#1: Validates Our Safety Measures

The Joint Commission’s review process — conducted both virtually and in person — is known for being rigorous, thorough and unannounced. That means our safety processes and standards are checked and rechecked, and compared against industry standards to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

#2: Demonstrates Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

One of the lessons that’s reinforced by the Covid-19 pandemic is that safety standards and best practices are always changing and evolving. Because we’ve committed to Joint Commission certification, we’re agreeing to allow third-party review of all processes in our organization that could impact safety and quality of care. And with this critical info, we’re even better equipped to continuously improve our standards.

The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval®
Certified with The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval®

#3: Ensuring Operational Soundness

Reliability is key when it comes to choosing a healthcare recruitment provider. The areas reviewed by the Joint Commission included leadership, human resources, information management, and performance management and improvement. Developed in consultation with experts, providers and patients, the high standards established for each of these areas ensures that our entire organization is operating efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

#4: Helps Achieve an even Higher Level of Excellence

At CareerStaff, we’re proud to employ the very best of the best — a standard that includes not just the nurses, clinicians, therapists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in our staffing network, but also the recruitment professionals who work with them.

Moreover, by giving clinicians access to great recruiters, we can secure better workers for your facility — and this certification helps ensure that we’ll continue to attract the industry’s most highly skilled and knowledgeable recruiters.

‘Fostering Continuous Quality Improvement In Patient Safety and Quality Of Care’

Dating back to its formation in 1951, The Joint Commission is a universally recognized name for quality standards in the healthcare industry. Today, the independent, not-for-profit group evaluates and accredits more than 22,000 healthcare organizations and programs across the United States of America.

“Health Care Staffing Services Certification recognizes health care staffing firms committed to fostering continuous quality improvement in patient safety and quality of care,” said Mark Pelletier, chief operating officer, Accreditation and Certification Operations, and Chief Nursing Executive, The Joint Commission. “We commend CareerStaff for using certification to strengthen its program structure and management framework, as well as to enhance its staff recruitment and development processes.”

Joint Commission-Certified Healthcare Staffing Solutions

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