CareerStaff Receives a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Certification

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We are proud to announce that CareerStaff Unlimited has received the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workplace Certification™. Diversity for Social Impact™ is an organization that focuses on the promotion and empowerment of social impact around the world, and this certification is a testament to our greater goal of fostering an accepting, encouraging, and inclusive workplace.

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

At CareerStaff, we strive to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where all of our employees can thrive. In an effort to achieve a more diverse culture, we launched a DEI program to help make our workplace a nurturing and welcoming environment for all of our employees.

Our leadership understands the importance and value that DEI strategies and programs are to the organization and our workforce. We’ve established accountability for DEI-related initiatives from the top down, and we as an organization strive to encourage a culture of accountability and inclusivity.

In 2021, we formed our DEI Committee which to date has five members who meet regularly with our Senior Vice President, Josh Bellus, to discuss and oversee initiatives for the company. Since founding the committee, we’ve established a monthly newsletter highlighting different heritage months, DEI topics to spread awareness and appreciation, manager trainings on important topics, such as combatting implicit bias, and established goals for 2022.

What Our DEI Certification Means

In the words of our DEI Committee’s mission statement, we strive “to foster an environment where compassion and understanding are the foundation that all employees engage with each other on,” and our culture will be one where “every perspective is valued, where employees see value in their contribution and their connection with one another and to the organization, and where employees feel empowered to be innovative and strive to perform at their highest level.”

When it comes to receiving the certification, Diversity for Social Impact™ not only considers what’s been put in place but also recognizes “an organization’s motivation, determination and planned efforts into DEI” in the evaluation process. Our goals for 2022 and beyond are just the start.

As a leading strategic organization that focuses on promoting Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Diversity for Social Impact™ recognizes DEI professionals and service providers who share the same values of increasing the influence of the DEI impact by “enabling and empowering professionals to become greater, more productive and more influential.”

At CareerStaff, we not only share these values, but we also have three core values that are the key drivers in everything we do. These values – collaborative, supportive, and unparalleled – form the mindset we have when creating a company and culture that we are proud of, and one that helps our employees thrive.

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