Employee Recognition: CareerStaff’s Q3 2023 Core Value Awards

CareerStaff’s employees Suzanne Richards and Jaci Frazier behind a purple gradient background for the Q3 2023 Core Value Awards

It’s that time again! In Q3, we celebrated our Core Value Awards Winners with some well-deserved employee recognition. At CareerStaff, we hold our company culture and core values of being collaborative, supportive, and unparalleled in high regard.

Additionally, these values make us a stronger company, serving healthcare employers across the nation with the finest clinicians and recruitment professionals.

Our mission demands an unwavering commitment to excellence, and Suzanne Richards, Jaci Frazier, and Gina Maslaris, our Q3 Core Value Award Winners, embody this commitment. Each day, their passion and dedication inspire us to go above and beyond!

Meet Some of Our Q3 2023 Core Value Awards Winners!

At our vibrant organization, CareerStaff celebrates colleagues who go the extra mile to build a positive culture. And our Q3 Core Value Award winners, Suzanne, Jaci, and Gina, serve as shining examples of our values in action.

Every quarter, we give recognition to employees who embody these core values, and we are proud to have a couple of our winners share their thoughts on how they elevate them!

Core Value Winner: Suzanne Richards

Director – Clinical Services

CareerStaff's employee recognition and Core Value Awards Winner Suzanne R., smiling with glasses
Q: How would you describe your role and responsibilities on your team?

I joined CareerStaff in March 2022 with great enthusiasm for the role of Clinical Services Manager. Since then, my journey with this amazing company has taught me a lot about the healthcare staffing industry.

I had the honor to lead CareerStaff’s Joint Commission committee and work closely with different people throughout the company as we prepared for the surveyor’s visit. Our pre-survey discussions helped us plan and show them how our organization lives up to this recognition.

In November 2022, I transitioned into the Director role, which gave me the chance to work more closely with company leadership and collaborate on projects and committees. This experience has been invaluable, and I am excited about the prospects that the future may hold.

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

I would say that the best memory I have is the trip to Chicago. Meeting my colleagues in person and getting to know them better was highly beneficial in helping me recognize how our Clinical Services team can provide exceptional support to our clinicians, clients, and our company.

Q: What is the best part of working on your team and at CareerStaff?

What can I say? The Clinical Services team is the best team I have ever worked with! We collaborate to discuss difficult situations and find solutions that enhance our daily operations. I am deeply thankful to each of the skilled Clinical Managers who have taught me so much, both professionally and personally. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. They truly deserve all of the credit!

Q: What is the importance of being collaborative, unparalleled, and supportive?

Collaboration plays a vital role in the workplace as it provides an opportunity to discuss ideas and determine how each area will be affected. In turn, this helps achieve our personal and company-wide goals. It also enhances our professional relationships by helping us understand the importance of others’ roles.

To me, unparalleled means that we create a positive environment in everything we do. We listen attentively and implement favorable changes in the workplace. We are trustworthy, advocates, and work to motivate each other for the best possible outcomes.

Being supportive is essential not only to our team but also to everyone we encounter on a daily basis. To be supportive, one must be approachable, empathetic, and show others that they are valued. [Additionally], it’s important to always listen to others and learn from them.

Core Value Winner: Jaci Frazier

Quality Assurance Manager – Managed Services (MSP)

CareerStaff's employee recognition and Core Value Awards Winner Jaci F., smiling
Q: How would you describe your role and responsibilities on your team?

I originally began managing the daily operations of the credentialing department, including sub-vendor candidate onboarding, screening, and audits. However, my responsibilities expanded to include our agency management department as Managed Services (MSP) quickly grew. This includes managing sub-vendor company onboarding, compliance, and audits, too. 

The pandemic presented some of the most difficult challenges and we are still seeing changes to this day. State regulations always keep the Quality Assurance (QA) team on our toes, and we love the challenges we face!

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

I will always say the MSP Summer Olympics! However, I also must include the weekly QA team meetings because it is always a fun and exciting time to bond, especially when we have themed meetings or icebreaker activities included!

Q: What is the best part of working on your team and at CareerStaff?

Our team rocks every challenge faced, regardless of the difficulty. We communicate together well, and we constantly have people going above and beyond expectations even when faced with deadlines, audits, crisis needs, and more. I also love being able to work with all the CareerStaff offices on a daily basis!

Q: What is the importance of being collaborative, unparalleled, and supportive?

Teamwork produces better results, faster. Supporting each other and going above and beyond in your daily work helps everyone succeed. The amount of achievement is endless if everyone is working together, doing the best they can!

Employee Recognition: An Unparalleled Culture

Hats off to all our Q3 Core Value Awards Winners – Suzanne, Jaci, and Gina! Your unwavering dedication and consistent hard work make CareerStaff a year-round Great Place to Work®. We’re committed to fostering a positive company culture, and through employee recognition, we celebrate the incredible impact our team has on CareerStaff and the clinicians we support daily.

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