Employee Recognition: CareerStaff’s Q1 2024 Core Value Awards

CareerStaff’s employees Lizzy Bradley and Kelsey Cox behind a purple gradient background for the Q1 2024 Core Value Awards

Let’s give a huge round of applause to our incredible Q1 Core Value Awards Winners! These shining stars and their exceptional teams have truly dazzled us with their dedication and passion. Our team members have been the driving force behind CareerStaff’s success as a premier healthcare staffing leader for over three decades. So, let’s raise our glasses and give much-deserved employee recognition to every winner for their outstanding commitment to excellence!

At CareerStaff, we hold our company culture and core values of collaboration, support, and unparalleled service in high regard. Therefore, we’re proud our Q1 Core Value Award recipients, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bradley, Kelsey Cox, and Tony Wozniak, embody these values through their commitment and passion each day.

Meet Some of Our Q1 2024 Core Value Awards Winners!

Each quarter, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to honor and celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our employees who contribute to fostering a vibrant workplace culture. Today, we raise our voices in celebration as we recognize Lizzy, Kelsey, and Tony as the shining stars of our Q1 Core Value Award recipients.

We had the privilege to hear from a couple of our esteemed team members on what it means to be unparalleled, collaborative, and supportive each day. Here’s what they had to say!

Core Value Winner: Lizzy Bradley

Operations Manager – Managed Services (MSP)

careerstaff employee elizabeth bradley smiling
Q: How would you describe your role and responsibilities on your team?

As a part of Managed Services, my responsibilities cover receiving signed agency agreements, managing our contact lists, providing customer service/support, and onboarding. My role plays into the greater goals of the MSP by helping to get agencies onboarded, ensuring we can communicate effectively with them, and keeping them active in order to staff.

Over time, I’ve gotten to work on some awesome projects like our revamped Agency Contact List and Agency Resource Site.

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on everyday things that spark joy, and my team has made that easy. I honestly couldn’t point out just one memory because we are constantly cracking each other up and supporting one another.

Q: What is the best part of working on your team and at CareerStaff?

One of my favorite things about the work culture here is that my team operates with a growth mindset. As a creative person, it’s important for me to work where I feel comfortable bringing up ideas for improvement. We always hear each other out, and it has led to having some streamlined processes on our team!

Also, I love that our supervisors seem to trust us, and everyone can take ownership of their role. That way, we can focus on our current tasks and trust that everything is getting done.

Q: What is the importance of being collaborative, unparalleled, and supportive?

It’s important to collaborate with others, support your colleagues, and find things about your job you enjoy. Enthusiasm creates energy. So, if you’re excited about your team or the work you are doing, you will legitimately have more energy to complete it. Plus, the relationships you build in the workplace can become lifelong friendships and community.

Core Value Winner: Kelsey Cox

Credentialing Coordinator

careerstaff employee kelsey smiling
Q: How would you describe your role and responsibilities on your team?

My role mainly revolves around onboarding and credentialing new clinician hires. I ensure everyone is 100% compliant before they are hired. Along with that, I manage part of Central’s ongoing credentials, such as professional licenses, TB tests, and CPR. Additionally, I complete monthly audits on employee profiles.

I work very closely with my teammates Jasmine, Michelle, and Melanie. Together, we make sure all our new nurses and clinicians are hired as quickly as possible.

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

My favorite memories at CareerStaff include all the fun scavenger hunts and team building activities!

Q: What is the best part of working on your team and at CareerStaff?

My central team: Jasmine, Michelle, and Melanie are amazing. We always help each other and have each other’s backs no matter what. Therefore, I know I can count on them for whatever I may need.

Q: What is the importance of being collaborative, unparalleled, and supportive?

Everyone knows teamwork makes the dream work! Being collaborative is extremely important in any field. Problems are solved faster, and ideas are even better with more than one mind and opinion involved.

Secondly, being unparalleled is key since my team is entrusted to make sure everyone is compliant with all state and federal laws. This is a critical task, therefore everyone on the Credentialing team needs to be an expert in compliance.

Lastly, being supportive is probably the most important! We will all step in to help to cover for someone who is away or when trying to solve problems. I know my Central Credentialing team supports me no matter what.

Employee Recognition: An Unparalleled Culture

To all our Q1 Core Value Awards Winners – Lizzy, Kelsey, and Tony, we celebrate you! Your unwavering dedication and consistent hard work make CareerStaff a year-round Great Place to Work®. Therefore, through employee recognition, we celebrate the incredible impact that team members like you have on CareerStaff and the clinicians we support daily.

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