Celebrating Five Years of Excellence: Q1 Employee Spotlight

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It’s a big celebration as we mark five fantastic years of excellence! Let’s shine the employee spotlight on all our amazing team members who have made a difference in Q1. They’ve not only reached an incredible milestone of five years with us but have also shown unwavering commitment and a heartwarming dedication to service.

Here at CareerStaff, we’re all about connecting talented clinicians with their dream jobs nationwide and providing top-notch recruitment to healthcare facilities. Our team members do this work with dedication and are the true heartbeat that connects our clinicians to patient care. So, let’s raise a toast to our incredible team and give them the recognition they truly deserve!

Employee Anniversaries: Celebrating Healthcare Excellence

Today, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on ten outstanding employees celebrating their remarkable five-year anniversary with us: Nicholas Bolduc, Blake Edwards, Amanda Good, Kristin Gunterman, Melania Jaglarz, Kacey Munekata, Jessica Renn, Gabrael Smallwood, Katie Stonesifer, and Paige Walker.

Our incredible corporate team members are the driving force behind CareerStaff’s journey of success and the heart that shapes our legacy of care. To celebrate, let’s meet a few of the smiling faces who have worked to make an impact over the years.

Employee Spotlight: Nick Bolduc

Area Manager: Travel Nursing

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Q: Marking your employee anniversary, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I have been with CareerStaff for five years now, and Area Manager for over three years. I would say the most rewarding part of my job is watching someone who I’ve hired and helped train develop into a strong contributor to the team’s production and culture.

It’s exciting to see many members of our team be promoted more than once and grow within the company.

Q: How have you made a difference at CareerStaff and in healthcare?

I’ve heard before that your manager can be more important to your health than your family doctor. So I do my best to be more than a boss and serve as a mentor and someone my team can trust. I think that has fostered a strong culture on the travel nursing team!

Employee Spotlight: Kristin Gunterman

MSP Account Manager

Q: How have you made a difference at CareerStaff and in healthcare?

I like to think that my role makes a difference in the healthcare industry because we continue to support clients and ensure that the residents at these facilities receive only the best care.

The Managed Services (MSP) team takes pride in helping support the residents and their families within those facilities. It feels like we are truly making a difference when we receive positive feedback from our clients about the staff we provided and the amazing care they have received!

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

The morale in the office was unlike anything I have ever seen. I have never had a team that was so high energy, easy to get along with, and supportive every day. Although we’ve continued that mindset mostly from home, I absolutely love seeing everyone and building those relationships.

The team atmosphere is the best motivation to keep striving and reaching the goals I have set, not only for myself, but for the company.

Employee Spotlight: Kasey Munekata

Account Manager II – East Region

Q: Marking your employee anniversary, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Of the Recruitment and Account Management roles I have held, the most rewarding aspect is the relationships that built with my past clinicians and now current clients. Earning their trust and loyalty has been a key to success for me!

Q: How have you made a difference at CareerStaff and in healthcare?

My first Area Manager used to tell us, “There is fortune in a follow-up,” and this had been ingrained in me throughout my entire career. A clinician applied for a nursing job that’s closed now? I’m still calling them. They turned my job down for another job? I’m still going to do a pulse check every week.

It’s healthy little habits like this that keep you grounded in the healthcare industry!

Employee Spotlight: Paige Walker

Account Representative – MSP

Q: How have you made a difference at CareerStaff and in healthcare?

As part of the Managed Services (MSP) team, my role makes a difference by allowing our clients to focus more on their facility and their patients. Being able to take such a large chunk of work off their plates gives the administration the ability to be fully present at their healthcare facility.

This lets them focus on making their centers the best they can be for the patients and residents they serve, rather than having to worry about all the back-end tasks.

Q: What is your favorite memory at CareerStaff?

My favorite memory would be the prank wars we would have in the office days. Always harmless, but always fun. My favorite prank was around the holidays. While a coworker was on her lunch break, we wrapped everything we could on her desk in wrapping paper, including her mouse, notebooks, and I’m pretty sure we even wrapped some of her pens!

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Renn

Recruitment Team Lead

careerstaff employee Jessica smiling

Q: Marking your employee anniversary, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

It’s an honor to welcome so many new recruiters to the company and ensure they feel supported in this new chapter. Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, but I am in their corner every step, sharing tips and tricks to help them be more efficient and exceed their goals!

Q: How have you made a difference at CareerStaff and in healthcare?

As recruitment team leads, we ensure our team navigates obstacles quickly, stay updated on current trends to anticipate potential shortages, craft effective recruiting strategies, and make data-driven decisions.

When our recruiters have the tools to find the best candidates that match our client’s needs while providing an unmatched candidate experience, we create successful placements that benefit our clients, candidates, and, most importantly, our patients/residents.

A Collaborative, Supportive, and Unparalleled Culture

We appreciate these employees and the impact they have made over the years. Their unwavering dedication and consistent hard work make CareerStaff a year-round Great Place to Work®. We’re committed to fostering a positive company culture, and through employee recognition, we celebrate the incredible impact our team has on CareerStaff, healthcare facilities, and clinicians we support.

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