CareerStaff Department Spotlight: Meet the Clinical Services Team

Last Updated on October 3, 2023

CareerStaff’s Clinical Services Team, Aimee, Ashley, Bryan, Jay, and Suzanne, smiling in business attire behind a purple gradient background for the CareerStaff Department Spotlight

Welcome to the latest installment of our Department Spotlight, where we shine a well-deserved light on the incredible teams that make CareerStaff a Great Place to Work®. Today, we turn the spotlight on our exceptional Clinical Services department, a team of passionate and highly-skilled clinicians who go above and beyond to support our healthcare professionals!

In our Department Spotlight, we’re thrilled to highlight our all-star Clinical Services team, Suzanne, Aimee, Jay, Ashley, and Bryan! We asked the team about their day-to-day impact, being a resource for our clients, clinicians, and company.

Meet the Clinical Services Team

Composed of real clinicians ranging from nurses to pharmacists, our Clinical Services team is a group of relatable experts who are always ready to lend a helping hand. With their extensive knowledge and experience, this all-star team ensures that our clinicians feel valued, heard, and empowered to deliver the best possible care.

Whether our clinicians are facing challenges, looking for additional resources during their assignment, or needing a listening ear, these compassionate professionals are there to provide the support they need. So, let’s get to know how this mighty team makes a difference each day!

Q: What is the role of Clinical Services? How is your team a resource for our clinicians on assignment?

Clinical Services is happy to provide 24/7 clinical support for our clinicians. Our team consists of registered nurses and a pharmacist, all with extensive leadership experience. If, for any reason, a clinician finds themselves in a clinical situation that they may not be familiar with or if they cannot find someone to assist them at the facility, we are here to support and advocate for them.

Q: How else does Clinical Services make a difference at CareerStaff?

Each member of our team works hard to be a mediator and advocate for our clinicians, clients, and CareerStaff. Clinical Services managers work diligently to resolve conflict, troubleshoot problems, and provide support for everyone that we encounter.

Q: What is the biggest achievement you all have accomplished together as a department?

We have worked to expand our Clinical Services team to provide a larger footprint for the company, clinicians, and our clients. For instance, Clinical Services is instrumental in maintaining regulatory compliance for CareerStaff’s Joint Commission Certification

>Did You Know? Our dedication to providing exceptional patient care is evident through our Joint Commission seal of approval. This industry gold standard assures facilities that they are connected with top-notch healthcare professionals!

In addition, we have helped to save 815 clinician contracts since the beginning of 2023 by being a resource.

Q: What are the biggest “superpowers” of each member on the team?

Bryan: Captain Positivity – Extremely efficient with an immense knowledge base for clinicians all while making people laugh!

Ashley:  Hulkinator – Always on top of things with limitless power to get things done!

Aimee:  Zen Master – Always calm, cool, and collected. Aimee is a steel magnolia that is approachable by anyone that she encounters!

Jay: Dr. Data – Great at putting ideas to action and organizing and analyzing data.

Suzanne: “WOO-per Woman” – Winning Others Over to get things done. Able to communicate with the BUs to help with clinical understanding.

CareerStaff’s Clinical Services Team, Aimee, Ashley, Bryan, Jay, and Suzanne, smiling and holding their favorite pets for the CareerStaff Department Spotlight
Pictured left to right: members of CareerStaff’s Clinical Services team, Aimee Guillotte, Ashley Town, Suzanne Richards, Bryan Bailey, and Jay Koh posing with their furry friends!

Q: What is the one thing that people would be surprised to know about Clinical Services?

We are here to support the clinicians every step of the way. We want to coach and educate whenever there is a problem or a mistake. Our goal is to assist in providing the best healthcare possible for every patient at all times. 

Our team also likes to sprinkle in the fun while doing our important work, and this fills the entire CareerStaff environment with joy!

Making a Difference Everyday with CareerStaff

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Clinical Services team for being superheroes who support superheroes. Their dedication to our company’s core values of collaboration, support, and unparalleled culture sets them apart and makes CareerStaff a truly exceptional workplace.

If you are passionate about making a difference in the healthcare industry and want to be part of a team that values and supports its employees, consider joining CareerStaff. We offer rewarding opportunities for healthcare professionals and support staff alike. Whether you are a clinician looking for a new assignment or a professional seeking a fulfilling role in our support teams, CareerStaff welcomes you.

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