Why CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Call Us a ‘Great Place to Work’®

In case you missed it, we at CareerStaff recently announced our fifth consecutive year as an official Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company. And as excited as we were to share this news, it comes as no surprise to the many CareerStaff Unlimited employees working hard to help ensure that we’re the nation’s top healthcare recruitment company and clinical workforce solutions provider.

After all, the quality of the CareerStaff culture is well known in the industry, and the official Great Place to Work® numbers bear that out. Almost 9 in 10 workers saying they love working with us according to those figures, compared to 57% of employees at the average American company.

On top of that, 95% of surveyed CareerStaff Unlimited employees team members said they felt welcome when the joining the company, and 92% said they felt people care about each other here. And 90% of CareerStaff Unlimited employees said they were treated like a full member of the team, no matter what specific position they worked.

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Why CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Call Us a ‘Great Place to Work’

Here at CareerStaff, we take our status as a Great Place to Work seriously. We know that the quality of the nurses and clinicians we recruit for healthcare employers across the U.S. is only as good as the team that’s working behind the scenes to support them. And to help these folks do the best possible job they can — and feel great doing it — we’ve built a culture that’s supportive, caring and rewarding.

But don’t just take our word for it! Our efforts to build a truly Great Place to Work have been validated by the recruiters, marketers, tech specialists and other professionals who work for the CareerStaff corporate team. With that in mind, let’s hear about what some of these CareerStaff Unlimited employees have to say about why they love working with us.

These are anonymous comments taken from the official Great Place to Work Overall 2022 Employee Comment Report. But each is from a CareerStaff employee — and because they’re names aren’t revealed, they’re speaking candidly about what they really think of the CareerStaff experience.

What CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Say about Onboarding & Training

“This is by far, the best company I have ever worked for,” said one team member on the topic of onboarding and training. “My team has been amazing in welcoming me and making me feel comfortable and part of the team from day one. The training program here is phenomenal and even after training, it is made known that if any questions arise you can always reach out for help.”

“As new as I am with the company and as green as I am in my career, they praise my work as being great and they treat the mistakes as learning moments,” said another.

And another comment emphasized how “CareerStaff Unlimited provides a welcoming, collaborative and supportive environment for new and current employees!”

What CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Say about Culture

“The company culture is very friendly, inviting, and encourages work-life balance which is essential to happy employees,” said one employee on the topic of culture and work/life balance.

“CareerStaff has embraced remote work and has provided ample resources to be successful while working remotely, while also providing the flexibility for work/life balance,” said another.

“CareerStaff Unlimited is a family,” commented another worker. “CSU has an amazing culture that I feel embodies our core values. The entire company is very supportive.”

“I have worked in customer service, medical, executive management roles for the past 20 years,” said one employee. “I have never felt so appreciated, so respected and been part of such a collaborative team. The culture of this company is above and beyond.”

“The commitment of this company to its core values is unmatched, and the culture of the company is open, inclusive, and focused,” commented another worker.  

“The culture really does stand out,” one CareerStaff Unlimited employee pointed out. “My boss is beyond phenomenal and encouraging. A huge reason why I am here.”

What CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Say about Leadership

“The leadership at this company really cares about the people and constantly look for ways to provide better processes, resources, and development opportunities for employees,” said one worker on the topic of the leaders at CareerStaff. “The company is also growing fast, so there are so many opportunities to grow by taking on new challenges or even new positions within the company.”

“There are lots of opportunities for advancement,” agreed another surveyed employee. “The leadership is cohesive and welcoming and is always willing to work with anyone that needs assistance.”

“CSU has people from all walks of life,” one CareerStaff Unlimited employee said. “It’s a very diverse team with a lot of knowledge and new perspectives making it a great place to work. I feel very blessed to be part of this team!”

“I have a real connection with my team members and upper management. I feel like I’m being heard when I have something to suggest or offer.”

“CSU has been such a great experience,” another worker said. “I feel my ideas are welcome, my recommendations are given consideration and acceptance, and the people are so exceptionally friendly.”

“Everyone is allowed to be themselves, no judgment. Everyone is made to feel valued.”

What CareerStaff Unlimited Employees Say about Team Spirit

Last but not least, survey respondents had lots to say about the team spirit at CareerStaff: “The people here are very supportive, trust that you can do your job, and really kind/laid back.”

“The way the team interacts and takes on responsibilities is great,” said another CareerStaff Unlimited employee. “I haven’t ever worked in such a productive and helpful (judgment free) environment.”

“The team environment is unmatched,” another worker agreed. “Everyone is willing to help each other out and work together to find solutions when necessary.”

Find Your Next Great Place to Work as a CareerStaff Unlimited Employee

At CareerStaff, we’re proud to be a Great Place to Work, and the diverse team of hard-working professionals who make it possible. And we’re always looking for skilled and motivated folks to join America’s top clinical staffing and recruitment team. If you’re seeking a new career path in the recruitment industry, we invite you to check out our current job openings here.

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