CareerStaff Extends a Creative Invitation to Seattle Area Public Schools

Special Educational Artists find a gallery for their work

CareerStaff brings a representation of the special education students served by our clinicians into their Washington office in a personal way by extending a creative invitation to Snohomish School District.

“Totem Falls Elementary students presented a beautiful piece of handcrafted art to CareerStaff Unlimited on April 26, 2018. CareerStaff Unlimited works collaboratively with the school district to help provide healthcare professionals in our schools and classrooms.”

~ Kristin Foley, Communications Director, Snohomish School District, Public School in Snohomish, Washington

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CareerStaff’s 2018 focus in Seattle has been to get out into the field and re-establish relationships with our clients

We want to show our clients that our goal is to be more than just “another staffing company.” We desire instead to build lifelong partnerships stemming from professionalism, reliability and compassion.  Our team came up with a fun and unique idea to show commitment to our clients and highlight our compassion for the students we serve in their schools.

We decided that we would decorate our office with paintings made by the students in the Special Education classrooms that our therapists worked in at the local schools. We started calling our clients and explaining the art project we wanted to do and how we wanted to display them in our office to serve as a daily reminder of just how gifted these students are and to remain motivated to always hire the best therapists possible. We received excellent feedback and the districts were thrilled to participate.

During the spring of 2018, we have been dropping off canvases, paint and brushes to the districts that wanted to participate. We have now received the paintings back and have them on display in CareerStaff’s Lynnwood, WA office. Plaques were made for the art for each participating school district with the year.  CareerStaff plans to make this an annual initiative.

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