Advice For Starting a Career in Nursing, Therapy, or Pharmacy

CareerStaff clinicians share advice for starting a career in nursing, therapy, or pharmacy!

Kimberly D. Martin | Registered Nurse

“Listen to the experienced nurses, take it all in, listen and learn. Dive into all you are
allowed to do, get experience and then develop your own style that fits with the way the
medical field is run.”

Ramona DeCamp | Speech Language Pathologist

“Prepare for a wide variety of instructional needs. Keep and update your materials so that
they are organized and ready to use on a moment’s notice.”

Napoli Oraha | Speech Language Pathologist

“Stay patient with yourself. There is so much to learn, and all the time in the world to learn it.
Remember that you might be the only smile, hug, or positive affirmation that your patient/student
receives that day, so keep being awesome!”

Robert Aims | Nursing Home Administrator

“Get both business and social services courses in addition to health care delivery expertise and
be prepared for a wild ride.”

Tina Jones | Licensed Practical Nurse

“Don’t take anything personally at work and get to know the area you’re in.”

Tawnya Petty | Licensed Practical Nurse

“There may be not so good days, but stick with it. Be a team player. In the healthcare setting,
you cannot do it by yourself. Be that shoulder that your peer can lean on if she/he needs to.
Hang in there, this is a great industry to be in, and know that you can make a difference in
lives that so you need you. Don’t give up, stay in the race.”

Lance Gerrish | Registered Nurse


Joan Fredella | Nursing Home Administrator

“Understand that the field is ever changing. Understanding that if you truly care about
people, you will better tolerate the many changes.”

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