Building a Home Away From Home as a Traveler

As a healthcare clinician, it’s usually inevitable that you’ll be working the holidays. So why not make the best of it?


Healthcare never sleeps. As a healthcare traveler, it is typically unavoidable that you’ll have to work the holidays. As soon as you are able to accept this, you may be able to see all the sweeter parts of working the holidays. Plus, there is a large demand for contract clinicians over the holidays, which means typically higher pay rates.


Sprinkle your new space with personal touches by adding pictures of family, friends, or even pets – you can make your temporary space feel more like home. Connect with other healthcare travelers that may also be away from home this holiday season. Embrace the freedom of social and family obligations and create new traditions that you never knew you’d love!


Being away from familiar faces during the holidays can be hard. The service you are providing to families that need extra love and support over the holidays is something that you can’t put a price on. Helping your neighbor when they are unable to help themselves is a gift itself. The act of being selfless can bring you peace and gratitude this holiday.


As a traveler, you have the luxury of picking a new city to explore. Whether you choose to be on a beach soaking up some sun or skiing the mountain tops in Colorado – make the most of where you are and explore the city. Celebrate with the locals and embrace your temporary home.

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