8 Reasons to Work a Travel Assignment This Holiday Season

8 Great Reasons to Work a Travel Assignment This Holiday Season

For nurses, therapists and many other clinicians and healthcare professionals, working a travel assignment away from home is part of a holiday tradition. For many others, though, it’s something new, and maybe intimidating. After all, during a time when families gather, what possible benefit could there be in working a travel assignment away from home?

There’s the obvious benefit, of course — the chance to help facilities and communities during a time of need. And that need has never been more badly felt than this year, as we continue to fight a pandemic that’s claiming hundreds and sometimes thousands of lives in the U.S. each day. (It’s also taken a terrible toll on the many healthcare workers on the Covid-19 front lines.)

But there’s more than that, of course. Working the holidays can be a way to deal with stress or loss, as well, by filling your time in the service of others. And, of course, with the extra pay and bonuses usually available for holiday travel assignments, there’s the obvious benefit of boosting your bank account!  

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But in case you’re looking for a few more reasons, we’ve got ‘em! Whether you choose a travel assignment that’s across the country or just the next city over, here are 8 reasons for working a holiday shift this year.

8 Reasons to Work a Travel Assignment This Holiday Season

1. The opportunity to escape to a new climate. For many healthcare professionals, working a travel assignment over the holidays is an opportunity to escape the local climate for something more appealing—or something different, at any rate. If you live in the cold upper Midwest, there’s an obvious appeal to spending November, December and January in Texas of California.

But that works the other way, too! Southerners may enjoy spending the holidays in a traditionally snowy location like New England or the Pacific Northwest. For the adventurous, a travel assignment could also offer the chance to escape the city to a location where they can hit the slopes or hit up some new hiking trails.

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2. The chance to work shorter-term assignments. Whether it’s because they’re raising children, caring for an elderly relative, or a thousand other reasons, many healthcare professionals who work travel, per diem or part-time jobs do so as an alternative to the obligations of full-time work. For these workers, holiday assignments are a great way to earn more than on a standard shift, without committing to a long-term assignment.

3. Bring the holiday spirit to a new facility. Unfortunately, one of the most exciting aspects of travel nursing during the holidays might be a little tough to pull off during Covid-19. Friendsgiving, or getting together with your co-workers to hold your own holiday celebration, might be a no-go during a time of social distancing and limited indoor gatherings.

But there are other ways to engage your co-workers in the holiday spirit, like a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Most facilities typically hold potlucks on Thanksgiving and Christmas shifts, but again, the pandemic may limit the extent to which this may be possible. That means it’s going to take some creative thinking to embrace the holiday spirit this year!

4. Travel to be nearer to loved ones. Another potential benefit of working a travel assignment over the holiday season is the chance to find an assignment close to loved ones who may live in another city, or another state. Many Americans have parents, grandparents, children, cousins, or even old college friends who live far away state, and travel jobs are a great way to spend some time close to them while still working.

And don’t forget, you may be able to find a travel assignment in your own home state, too. Check out other cities in the same state with open positions and you may be able to find a travel job that’s only a few hours from home.

5. Keep in close contact with friends or family. The work-at-home orders that came along with the pandemic have led to a remarkable burst in video communications. Whether it’s via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or another of the many available tools, people have been holding regular chats throughout the pandemic — not just with coworkers, but among family, too.

Take advantage of this new comfort everyone has with video chats to keep in touch with your own loved ones while you’re traveling. Whether it’s a weekly check-in, a weekend cocktail party or just a quick nightly hello, it’s never been easier to stay in close contact with your closest loved ones while you’re on a travel.

6. Earn travel rewards and customer points. Many professionals who frequently work travel jobs make the most of the many available rewards from flights, hotels, and other common travel purchases. Check your own credit card to see if there are benefits for travel purchases, or find one that does. You may be surprised at how a few months on a travel assignment can boost your frequent flyer profile, as well as lead to hotel upgrades, free gas and other bonuses.

7. Enjoy the peacefulness of the holiday season (if you can). One of the reasons why many nurses and clinicians enjoy working holiday shifts is the generally slower and more peaceful pace. Oftentimes, holiday shifts are available not because that’s a busy time of year, but because facilities are trying to accommodate the time-off wishes of their full-time staff.

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Of course, accidents can strike at any time, and a busy New Year’s Eve in the emergency room isn’t unheard of. But still, working holiday shifts can be a way to earn bonus pay during a relatively slow, stress-free time.

8. Get a holiday bonus from CareerStaff!* At CareerStaff, we understand the need for nurses and clinicians to work weekends and holidays, but we also know that it’s difficult to spend that time away from family and loved ones. So, we go the extra mile to make sure that folks in our network have every opportunity to set their own schedule and work the shifts they want to work.

That’s the idea behind our recent announcement that we’re offering big holiday bonuses for nurses and clinicians who want to work Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays — over a thousand dollars for travel workers, in fact! You can get all the details here.

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