6 Reasons to Work a Travel PT Job with CareerStaff

6 Reasons to Work a Travel PT Job with CareerStaff

From schools to skilled nursing facilities, from home health to hospice care, physical therapists are in demand across the United States. And for those willing to hit the road, travel PT jobs are a great way to help meet this demand while boosting your career and taking home excellent pay and benefits, too.

And in case you’ve never considered the advantages of working travel PT jobs before, we’ve got a few great reasons to check it out!

6 GREAT Reasons to Work a Travel PT Job

1. See the USA! Travel assignments are a great way to see the country and build valuable career experience while literally getting paid to travel. Satisfy your sense of adventure with a summer job in a cool mountain town, an assignment in an exciting city like New York, New Orleans or Seattle, or even an opportunity to explore a far-flung location like Alaska or Hawaii.

2. Take home a great paycheck. Our travel PT jobs are full-time, and come complete with guaranteed hours and great pay. In fact, our travel therapists are often paid at a higher rate than for local positions, and some assignments even offer an acceptance or completion bonus. So, a temporary assignment away from home is a great chance to build your savings account or pay off educational debt.

3. Enjoy top-notch benefits. When you travel with us, you’re a CareerStaff employee, giving you full access to all of our great benefits. And that’s an impressive list, including comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage, a 401(k), referral bonuses, continuing education (CE) funding, and lots more. We also offer our travelers 24-hour support and the chance to set flexible schedules.

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4. Build unique career experience. Because we have travel PT jobs virtually everywhere that physical therapists are employed, you’ll get the chance to build experience in a new type of facility, or expand your skills in a setting you already know. You may also have the opportunity to learn new technologies or discover regional nuances that can boost your overall career value and marketability.

5. One step closer to your dream job. With dozens of regional offices across the U.S. and relationships with thousands of top facilities nationwide, we’ve got travel PT jobs in every corner of the nation. If you’ve been hitting a dead end finding the right job in your home area, an assignment in another state could give you the experience you need to land that dream job the next time you apply.

6. The chance to help a community in need. Working a travel PT job is a great way to help a community in need of skilled therapists. Our PTs are often called upon to work in rural or underserved areas, or in cities where the population exceeds the local supply of clinicians. And you’ll be treating patients who truly need your help, including those with chronic conditions or who are struggling with recovery.

So why wait? If you’re seeking a new assignment, take a look at our available travel PT jobs to see if there’s a fit for you. We’ve got immediate openings and new assignments every day, so if you don’t see the location you’re looking for today, fill out our quick apply form to get faster access to our next round of assignments.

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