We’re Staffing ICU Travel Nurse Jobs across the USA

We’re Staffing ICU Travel Nurse Jobs across the USA

ICU travel nurses are in demand, and we’ve got job opportunities across the U.S.A. for qualified RNs. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on the availability of nurses to work in intensive care units (including NICU), and we’re moving fast to fill positions from coast to coast.

From front-line Covid-19 assignments in states such as Texas and South Carolina to standard ICU travel nurse jobs in places like New Hampshire, Indiana and Las Vegas, ICU nurses are needed pretty much everywhere — and fast, too.

Short version: If you’re interested in traveling to a new location to help a facility meet its patient care needs, we have opportunities for you! You can search all available jobs here, or read on for more details.

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New to Travel Nursing?

Maybe you haven’t worked a travel job before, but are an otherwise qualified RN with a couple of years of ICU experience? Taking a job as an ICU travel nurse is a way to expand your career opportunities outside of your immediate home base.

Why Work a Travel Nursing & Allied Job with CareerStaff?
New to traveling?
Here’s what you should know.

In normal times, many younger nurses choose to work travel jobs to diversify their career by landing jobs that may be too competitive near home. For older professionals, the standard 13-week assignment length of travel jobs makes it a great way to ease into retirement. For everyone, it’s a chance to make new friends and enjoy unique life experiences in new places.

In the year 2020, Covid-19 has changed the nature of travel nursing, as it has to so many other parts of healthcare delivery and day-to-day-life. What was once a helpful career pipeline for nurses and a means for providers to supplement their staff has now become an essential mechanism for sustaining patient care. And this is true not only in communities struggling with Covid-19 outbreaks but also with the economics of a radically upset healthcare industry, where standard procedures have been changed, delayed and outright cancelled.

Because we care for our travelers, all members of the CareerStaff team receive priority, 24/7 access to our nationwide team of recruiters and coordinators. We also offer competitive pay and great benefits — some first-responder Covid-19 jobs offer even higher rates of compensation. Plus, most of our current ICU travel nurse job opportunities offer housing and meal stipends that, combined, add up to about $1,000 a week.

You’ll be required to have a license in the state you want to work — but if you don’t have one, we may be able to help you acquire one. And don’t forget, nurses who have a valid Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC or eNLC) license can work in dozens of states without the need for additional licensing (get more details on that here).

Ready to Get to Work?

At CareerStaff Unlimited, we have more opportunities than many other staffing companies. Because we have offices in more than two dozen states, we have great relationships with some of the nation’s best-known and most prestigious healthcare organizations. Once you’re a member of the CareerStaff family, you’ll have access to a great deal of future opportunities, too.

There’s no time to lose! If you’re qualified and interested in working an ICU travel nurse job with us, we want to hear from you, stat! You can search all available travel jobs here or find out more about our first-response Covid-19 jobs here. See you soon!

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