Why Therapists Should Be Using Twitter to Find Therapy Jobs

Do you love your career as a therapist, but aren’t as fond of your work environment? Have you been looking on job boards, but haven’t been able to find that perfect position?  

It may be time to try something new. Job seeking has changed with the advent of social media, which means you can use these platforms to find your next opportunity. Companies look at our social profiles before hiring us, so why not use the same technique during your job search?


Twitter is an overlooked job search powerhouse, so here are a few ways to make that little blue bird help you find therapy jobs.

Identify as a Therapist

Create a Twitter profile to use for your professional experiences. Therapists should be using twitter, so it is okay to have two separate accounts. Keeping a separate professional account can help you focus your presence on healthcare.


Like other social sites, you have mere seconds to get noticed. Your bio is the first thing people see, so make it count!   


You have 160 characters to describe yourself. Use keywords and add a hashtag(#) or two. Identify your title and education level. Use this area to display what type of therapist you are and what type of position you’re looking for. With the remaining characters, tell us something fun about yourself!


Professional Profile and cover photos


When a potential follower/employer sees your Twitter profile, your profile and cover photos are a great opportunity for you to showcase yourself. Add a professional photo of yourself (no selfies this time).   


Next, define yourself as a therapist with the cover photo (the large photo behind your profile pic). Choose a photo that makes it obvious you’re a therapist. You can find tons of free photos on sites like Pixabay or Death to Stock.  


Additionally, you can use graphic design sites like Canva or PicMonkey to create a custom cover photo. Canva has pre-built templates to use so you can create professional looking Twitter covers even if you’re not a graphic designer!   

Follow potential employers and leaders in your profession

Now that your profile is set up, it’s time to start following people!  Therapists should be using twitter to stay current on industry trends. Additionally, following potential employers and leaders to learn more about company cultures and missions.

It’s acceptable to “follow” anyone on Twitter, which makes getting yourself on people’s radars easier than other social platforms. Take advantage of this! For example, if there’s a company you want to work for, follow them. Do some digging to find out who hires and follow them!

Not everyone is on Twitter, but you’ll notice many of the big healthcare employers have profiles. Following them and being aware of what is important to the company will only help down the road.

Need some ideas of who to follow? Here are some suggestions:

Speech Therapists





Occupational Therapists






Physical Therapists





Use hashtags in bio and tweets

Next, you’ll want to use hashtags.


Hashtags are what makes Twitter amazing. Use them in your bio, tweets and retweets to stand out and get recognized on Twitter feeds! Use 1 -2 per tweet. Here are a few popular hashtags for therapists:


Speech Therapists







Occupational Therapists





Physical Therapists




Other relevant hashtags






If you want to find more hashtags, just enter a # in front of any word to see if someone is talking about it on Twitter.

Utilize “lists” to keep track of potential employers

Twitter moves at lightning speed! Once you have started following a lot of people, it can begin to feel unorganized.


The way to combat this is to use “lists”.


Lists keep those you follow organized. You can add people to lists based on any criteria. Once a list is created, you see what a certain group of people are tweeting about, which helps minimize the “clutter” of Twitter.


You can make public or private lists. When you add someone to a public list, they get a notification, and this will help them see your name.   

Retweet and Tweet to potential employers

When a potential employer tweets something you like, “retweet” it. The person or company gets a notification of the retweet, which gives your profile exposure and increases their engagement,  so it’s good for both of you.


Once you’re more comfortable with Twitter, start “tweeting to” potential employers. Active healthcare companies on Twitter will likely respond, which helps them see your profile and gets your name out there.  

Join Twitter Chats

The final tip is to find and join in on Twitter chats. Twitter chats are a real time “conversation” hosted by other Twitter users, companies, or brands. These chats are very fast-paced, and participating in them is a great place to get your name out there and demonstrate your expertise.


Don’t forget to use hashtags when participating.


Each time you tweet in a Twitter chat, the “tweets” show up in your feed, so if you use #’s, people can see the knowledge you contribute long after the conversation has ended.


Here are some Twitter chats you may find useful as a therapist:


#OTalk (OT)

#OTalk2US (OT)

#PhysioTalk (PT)


Now you know how to leverage the power of Twitter to find a new position! It truly is a great way to find potential employers and begin a relationship with them. I hope this article encourages you to use Twitter to your job seeking advantage. Have fun searching for that new job!

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