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Speech Pathology Jobs Near Me

Looking for speech pathology jobs near you? We’re recruiting experienced and motivated speech language therapists for great career opportunities in every corner of the United States.

As one of the nation’s top provider of speech pathology jobs, we’ve got assignments in settings of all types, from hospitals and health centers to correctional facilities and rehab facilities.

And we’re seeing an especially high level of need for speech pathologists in schools. If you’ve never thought of working in an educational environment, it may be time to re-consider: Besides providing a valuable new dimension to your professional resume, school-based speech pathology jobs offer the rewarding chance to assist children and younger adults who are truly in need of your skills.

What do Therapists Have to Say about Our Speech Pathology Jobs?

The opportunity to work in schools and educational facilities can be an inspiring way to develop a career that’s based on helping others. Speech pathologists who have worked with us report feeling true satisfaction with these roles — both from helping kids develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and beyond, and from working with other professionals who are passionate about their jobs.

“I am inspired by my friends who practice kindness and really care about people who are struggling,” says Ramona, a speech language pathologist who’s worked with us in the past. “These are people who don’t just talk about helping others, they are actually involved in providing ‘hand-on’ assistance in the form of food, clothing, furniture, lodging and care.”

Why Work a Speech Pathology Job with CareerStaff?

Besides the chance to help kids in need, what are the advantages of working speech pathology jobs with CareerStaff? As part of a great benefits package, our assignments come complete with:

  • Full insurance coverage, including medical, vision, dental and life
  • Highly competitive weekly pay, with the convenience of direct deposit
  • A great 401(k) plan
  • Bonuses for select assignments, and the potential for loyalty bonuses
  • Health and wellness incentives such as gym membership discounts
  • Licensure assistance and continuing education (CE) reimbursement

We also offer guaranteed hours and the potential to work a flexible schedule. We’ve got more job opportunities than most other staffing companies, too, with dozens of local agencies throughout the country.

So, whether you choose an educational setting or prefer working in a more traditional healthcare facility, chances are good that we’ve got speech pathology jobs near you. We’ve also got new positions opening up every day, so take the stress out of finding your next assignment — join the CareerStaff roster today!

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