5 Ways CareerStaff Can Advance Your Therapy Career

Life is full of unexpected changes and opportunities. This can make organizing your personal life around your therapist job challenging, or leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied trying to do it all. It doesn’t have to be that way. A staffing agency can help you achieve a better work and life balance at almost any time in your life. They can help you customize your job to reflect your personal preferences.

You might consider a contract, per diem, temporary or travel therapy position to…


Pursue Your Dream Career

The world is less predictable, but you can be prepared no matter what your personal situation is if you’re working with a recruiter to help match your job with your lifestyle. They can help you keep your enthusiasm for your therapy career by selecting a job personalized to your needs. You got this —or that—it’s your job, and your choice. The possibilities are endless!


Discover a Better Work and Life Balance

Don’t let the needs of your family force you to quit the therapy job you love. With varied options in therapy positions, it’s no longer an either you work, or you don’t scenario. Opting for a flexible schedule with more choices can help you successfully balance your personal and professional life. You can still count on a stable and secure income, but you choose the position that best fits your lifestyle.

You might be searching for a better work and life balance if you:

  • Are a working parent and need a steady, routine assignment in your area
  • Take care of your aging parents and need to stay close to home
  • Want to save on daycare costs
  • Would like extra income without the obligation


Shake up Your Routine

Perhaps you’ve lost that loving feeling for the therapy job you once adored, or you’re just worn down by the same old, same old routine. Squash burnout by choosing not to let your life, and your dreams of seeing the world, pass you by! Rediscover what made you choose a career in therapy. Revive your career with some zest by no longer waiting for the weekends, or that once a year vacation, to travel to new destinations. That can become your everyday when you dissolve the boundaries between work and play.

Travel therapy can help you:

  • Choose a new location to live or where to retire
  • See more of the world with varied geographical assignments
  • Gain inspiration for new ideas
  • Amp up your resume with additional experiences and skills
  • Get a first-hand education on different cultures
  • Explore diverse clinical opportunities and settings


Scale Back from Full-Time

Many people are living longer, but that doesn’t mean they want to spend all that time working. We can’t change the amount of time we have in a day, but we can reinvent how we spend that time. We all have different priorities. You might want to enjoy more free time to focus on things you enjoy, spend more time with your kids, your parents, or help care for grandkids. A therapist position with a staffing agency can offer you opportunities to scale back from full-time to hours that better suit your lifestyle.

Reducing to part-time, contract or per diem work can result in:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved health with more time to exercise
  • The ability to complete everyday tasks and scheduled appointments
  • More time to make memories with those you love
  • Better work performance and job satisfaction


Ease into Retirement

Many dream of retiring to spend time with family and friends, travel or simply share their wealth of knowledge with others. Unfortunately, many can’t afford all the travel they’d like, or their enjoyment is hampered by unexpected psychological effects of abruptly losing their social network and career identity. Retirement doesn’t have to mean a distinct end of your career and there’s no reason you can’t ease into it. Instead of ending your career, look at it as a new beginning!

A few benefits of retiring in phases include:

  • Better mental and physical health
  • A decreased risk of dementia by keeping your mind sharp
  • A chance to give back and share your knowledge
  • Seeing more of the world with less stress to your wallet
  • Cashing in on your skills


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