Pharmacy Leader’s Podcast – How to Prepare For Your Interview


“How to prepare for your interview” is a 3 part series:

  • Part 1: Culture fit and personality
  • Part 2: Work experience and career goals
  • Part 3: Pharmacists specific questions

When Preparing for an Interview, Remember to:

Do Your Research

One of the first steps during your interview preparation is to research the company you could potentially work for. Utilize resources like the Pharmacy State Board website, Glassdoor, and Indeed to not only view basic information about the company, but also experiences of their employees. Discover if this company is the right fit for you, and also if you are the right fit for the company. Do not forget to research if the company has restrictions on certain licenses; the last thing you want to do is to go through the interview process to find out you don’t meet their requirements. Through your research, you will also want to ensure you are qualified for the role you are applying for. Do your due diligence and review the job posting you are applying for.

Sell a Solution

During your interview, be sure you are ready to sell yourself! What makes you stand out above all the other candidates? Show the interviewer how your experience outshines that of other applicants. For example, highlight the skills you have included in your resume and discuss how those have created results in your current role. Aside from being the best applicant, explain how your best attributes will add value to the company. Answer questions by providing yourself as a solution.

Dress to Impress

Before your interview, you’ll want to create the perfect interview outfit. Although you are in the medical field, showing up in scrubs will not land you the job. You are a professional, and you want to dress the part! Don’t let your wardrobe be the decider on whether or not you get a second interview. Prepare for your interview by picking your outfit in advance. This will give you more time to relax before your interview and eliminate any stresses about finding the perfect outfit last minute.


Body language is just as important as providing strong answers to the interviewer’s questions, so don’t forget to smile during your interview! In some cases, your initial interviews will be over the phone. Smiling changes the tone of your voice and will help the interviewer feel your positive energy. In instances where you are having an in-person interview, aim for a relaxed, natural smile. Smiling can help fill interview gaps and lighten the room. Practice answering questions and smiling in the mirror. The goal is to look relaxed and confident, not nervous and intense.

Ask Questions

The last step of preparation for an interview is to think of questions to ask. This shows a higher level of interest. Ask questions about growth potential if that is something that interests you. If you have multiple opportunities on the table, ask differentiating questions to help you make your final decision. During the interview, remember to take down notes. You will want to review those when you send a follow up note after the interview. 

You have worked so hard to get to where you are, so be honest with yourself. We would recommend exploring your options and taking the time to make sure the role you are applying for is the one that will best fit your career goals.

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