Pharmacy Leader’s Podcast – Common Interview Questions

Prepare for your next interview to ensure you knock it out of the park!

Pharmacy Industry Influencer Tony Guerra held a mock interview with members of the CareerStaff Rx team for the Pharmacy Leader’s Podcast.

It can be difficult to predict the structure of an interview, but nailing a response to several questions beforehand can help keep you calm, collected, and confident when it is finally your time in the hot seat. Read through these commonly asked interview questions to help you nail your next interview!

“Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Keep this answer to under a few minutes. Although an employer does want to get to know you, please refrain from telling them your whole life story. Focus on your interests, what goals you are working towards, and also be up-front with what you are expecting from this position.

“What made you decide to become a pharmacist?”

If an employer brings you in for an interview, they have already taken the time to read through your resume. Instead of walking through every detail in your CV, tell your story. Establish what you are passionate about as a pharmacy professional and what attracted you to the field in the first place.

“Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.”

This question can be nerve-wracking when it finally comes up, so be sure you are prepared with answers that make you stand out from the crowd. Highlight strengths that are important to you and that can also relate back to the role you are interviewing for. Pick the attributes that are the most positive and ones that you truly believe in. When discussing your weaknesses, be candid and honest, and if possible turn your weaknesses into strengths. Additionally, you can discuss how you have become aware of your weaknesses and what you have done to combat them.

“Tell me about an accomplishment you are proud of.”

Use this question as an opportunity to tell a bigger story. Talk about things like awards, programs, and school, but be mindful not to gloat too much. Pick one or two things that show you are driven and committed. Discuss instances where you have had to overcome something and what you did to accomplish that. Employers want to ensure you are in it for the long-run and are not willing to give up.

“What are things you like to do outside of the pharmacy?”

Passionate about a hobby or leisure-activity? Talk about it! Be honest and try to choose unique interests to share during your interview. Although these activities may not correlate with your career, they can still give an employer insight on your personality. Talk about things that are special to you and how they bring you joy.

“Tell me about a time you had to overcome a tough situation.”

The story you choose should prove you can do any job. Find a situation where you have had to look at the big picture, show you can see all sides of a situation, and discuss how you deal with difficult situations in a professional manner. You want to highlight that you are respectful, responsible, and empathetic.

Prepare answers to these interview questions to make a lasting impression. Find solutions in all situations and provide a positive spin in all your answers.

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