Why Pharmacists Should Take Advantage of a Staffing Agency

Finding a pharmacy job in today’s market is hard, there is no doubt about that.

Fortunately for you the use of healthcare staffing agencies has become a regular practice by more and more companies. It is estimated that 90% of companies are using temporary staffing services with the industry continuing to grow each year according to the ASA (American Staffing Association).

Why? Companies have found comfort using temporary employment services to deal with unpredictability.

During busy times or leaves of absences, temporary staff options are often utilized. There is less risk to employers with this option. The hiring process is an expensive one; it takes up a lot of time to go through resumes, conduct background checks, have interviews, etc. Staffing agencies go through this process with each candidate to ensure quality employees and match them with the appropriate company.


You might be thinking, however, “I need a permanent job!”

The first concern you probably have is the idea of being a temporary employee, with emphasis on the temporary. Should you still consider a staffing agency? Absolutely.

In many cases employers will take on their temporary staff as full time employees after their contracted time is over. Companies often use this temporary employment period as a trial to see if the individual is a good fit for the position. Some companies (typically larger ones) have begun to exclusively hire through a staffing agency in order to avoid extensive hiring processes and to find more competent employees. The ASA has estimated over 70% of temporary/contract employees’ move on to permanent positions after their temporary employment period.


With great flexibility comes great opportunity.

Staffing agencies work with companies all over the globe and have new positions needing to be filled on a daily basis. Perhaps you still want to travel and are simply not ready to settle down with a permanent job. When employed by a staffing agency you have the option of only taking jobs that you are interested in. An agency opens up opportunities across the globe so you can pair a vacation with work.


Variety is the spice of life right?

With a staffing agency you get the opportunity to work in a variety of different work settings in your industry. Finding a work environment that you can thrive in is a challenge. Moving from company to company, going through the entire hiring process each time only to discover that the job isn’t right for you is not an efficient strategy for a developing career. Not only is it an unproductive use of your time, but also a costly path for the company. Take advantage of this variety of opportunity staffing agencies offer and discover what kind of work environment is the right fit for you.


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