Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Salary Overview

Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians are the two main positions held in a pharmacy. They often perform similar tasks, but the salary gap between the two is significant.

Pharmacists take on a supervising role in the workplace. They require a minimum of six years of education, and as a result typically see around a six figure salary. Pharmacy technicians take on the role of an assistant to the pharmacist in the workplace. They require a high school diploma/equivalent plus state requirements which vary from passing an exam to taking a course.

Salary Overviews

Below is a brief overview of data from Liquid Compass:

Pharmacist salary


Although the pharmacist profession does pay higher, there is greater risk. With the current surplus of graduates and the high costs of education, getting into the field can prove to be challenging and costly. Pharmacy techs are actually seeing increased salaries and employment growth rather than pharmacists in recent years.

Location is an important factor when it comes to the pharmacy industry. Salaries differ state by state and should be brought into consideration when getting a state specific license.

Salary by state

Pharmacists Salary by state

Pharmacy Tech Salary by state

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