FAQ: How does CareerStaff RX expedite the traditional hiring process?

Recently, pharmacy industry influencer Tony Guerra interviewed members of the CareerStaff RX team for his Pharmacy Leaders Podcast


Q: How does CareerStaff RX help a large 400-500 bed hospital with their staffing needs?

A: In any number of ways according to the facilities present needs – “day-of” sick coverage, full time permanent placement, hard to staff positions on a full-time basis, or maternity leave coverage – to give a few examples.


Q: What areas of the U.S. do CareerStaff RX services cover?

A: CareerStaff RX can provide extra coverage in most major markets across the U.S. from our large float pools of candidates that we can draw upon for any of these positions.  We can also recruit specifically for a position and location by tailoring our search to exactly what a hospital might be looking for in terms of their years of experience.


Q: How does CareerStaff RX select their staffing talent?

A: We pre-screen candidates by internally taking them through the first round of interviews and credentialing requirements.  We field our employees as if they’re being hired as an internal CareerStaff employee so we go through the full hiring process. If they are close to one of our 25+ office locations, we bring them into our office so they can see our culture.  This gives them a sense of ownership and accountability, so that when they’re out in the field working for our clients and they have our name badge on, they’re respecting and honoring our company just as an internal employee. We run our full background check and series of drug screens and obtain immunization records and  references, just like any company making a direct hire. Those that pass our internal standards are then positioned in front of our employers, sending over only the top candidates to our clients, which limits their interviews to just 1-3 candidates for each position rather than hundreds of applicants for an employer to sort through.


Q: What advantages does working with CareerStaff RX have over an employer finding their own supplemental staff?

A: The time saving element cannot be emphasized enough. For instance, if I’m a pharmacy director at a retail pharmacy and two people call in sick, I would have to get on the phone to my own substitute phone tree, making calls until someone says “yes”.  Working with CareerStaff RX, instead they would just make one call to their CareerStaff RX contact. We have a 24 hour After Hours line for sudden, last minute, or emergency coverage needs. Someone is always on call manning our after-hours phone that can respond immediately with available staffing.


Q: Can you help a smaller hospital or institution that may be underserved and harder to staff because it isn’t in one of the larger metro areas?

A: Yes, there are many options available including hiring people from out of state and covering travel costs on a temporary basis. For remote areas, where there are less than a handful of licensed pharmacists within the region, we have the resources to bring in someone from an outside city or county that can help on a temporary or long term basis.


Q: How do you determine which candidates are the right fit for an employer’s need?

A: Within our float pools all over the country, we have employees that are ready to work in quite a few different settings. These potential employees are catalogued within a rating system that is based on client reviews. We send evaluations out to our clients after someone has worked at their location, asking a series of questions that rate the candidates one through five on a number of different things and so we know who our best employees are. This way, when staffing requests come in, we have the best recommendations for our clients ready.


Q: Why do your clients pick CareerStaff RX over other staffing firms?

A: How we build relationships with our clients so they trust us is through our 25+ offices in major cities across the country. Having a local presence in major markets allows us to get out and visit our customers regularly and show them how much we appreciate their business, meeting them for lunch and just taking care of them. Our clients know that they’re getting the best of the best. We get calls from directors and pharmacy managers that have nothing but great things to say about our employees. We love hearing that and knowing our employees are representing our company well out in the field. When we have that trust built up with clients overtime, they think, “we know CareerStaff RX sends us quality people every time because they take the time to really get to know and interview their employees”.


Q: Does CareerStaff RX mind doing permanent placements?

A: Not at all, because that is when the process gets really fun for all parties involved. A VP or Director of Pharmacy or a CEO might give us a call and say, “no one’s supposed to know this yet but we’re making a move here or we’re adding a position there. Who do you have available for us?” And then our top rated candidates are the first people we call. The job offer can be made and accepted without ever being publicly advertised or having any costly vacancy time and it was all based on the relationships we have with the client and our employees. Another scenario is an institution is inundated with 100 applications or even 50 applications that on paper they all kind of look the same. And then they come to us for a referral because they trust us to deliver the best one.  This is a win for everyone involved.

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