You Are Your Recruiter’s Biggest Asset

Searching for a new job is hard, but finding one you’re truly excited about is even harder. It doesn’t have to be that way if you’re working with a recruiter. Why not put the excitement back into job hunting by letting someone else do the work? Choosing a recruiter who specializes in job placement for nurses, pharmacists and therapists and has your best career interests at heart can help you land your dream job in healthcare!

As a healthcare worker, much of your heart and soul is devoted to caring for others. Often this results in little time and energy left to care for yourself—especially if you’re stuck in an unfulfilling job that leaves you exhausted. Despite the temptation to look for better job prospects, the thought of starting a job search and researching companies may seem overwhelming. Frustration can tempt you to give up or just stay stuck. Fatigue might make you consider grabbing the first job that comes along, even if it isn’t the best fit for you. With a recruiter, you can make sure your happiness doesn’t take a back seat in your career.

Take Charge of Your Career

Looking for a new job can be a full-time job in itself when you’re struggling to stand out in a sea of applicants. Finding a job that’s a good career fit takes time, research and the right connections if you want to do more than just settle for whatever position comes along. When you’re spending 21-35% of your life working, you don’t want to just go through the motions everyday in an unfulfilling job. Don’t get stuck in a rut by making job search mistakes such as

  • Not conducting research
  • Using the same old methods
  • Not taking charge of your career

Including a recruiter as part of your job search strategy can save your own valuable time while they do the heavy lifting. You might be striving to impress a new company, but you’re the one a recruiter really wants to impress. Superior customer service isn’t a bonus, it’s the norm when the culture at CareerStaff Unlimited is to exceed expectations. Just placing a warm body in a job doesn’t benefit you, the company, or the recruiter. Their goal is for you and the company you’re placed with to be satisfied. It’s only a win if everyone is pleased with the assignment.

Streamline Your Job Search

The average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times during their career and the various ways to apply for a job online often results in applications accumulating quickly. If you’re working with a recruiter you might be able to get ahead of the increased competition for desirable positions.

  • You can’t be everywhere at once. A recruiter has access to a network of connections and might even have insider information about unpublished jobs. Their recommendation can help you stand out in a smaller pool of applicants. Make better use of your time while they talk to more companies, and allow you to direct your focus only to the ones that meet your expectations.
  • Be more selective and endure less interviews. Your recruiter wants you to succeed! They can help make the interview process less stressful by sharing the expectations of the position so you’re better prepared. Their knowledge can help you choose companies that match your goals and interests rather than waste your time with unnecessary interviews.
  • No feedback and confusing job descriptions lead to frustration. No one likes to wait and wonder if their application got lost in cyberspace when the only response is dead silence. Reduce your frustration by relying on a recruiter’s expertise on whether your skills meet the job requirements and their ability to tap into their professional connections.

Avoid Job Burnout

The stress and demands of the healthcare environment, staffing shortages and unrealistic expectations can lead to burnout among many healthcare staff. If you’ve noticed signs of burnout such as on an ongoing feeling of being overwhelmed, fatigue or detachment, perhaps it’s time to look for another job before it impacts your health or your patient’s safety.

Developing a long-term relationship with your recruiter enables them to suggest travel assignments that meet your individual preferences to help you avoid burnout.

  • Nurses: Isn’t It Time Someone Has Your Back?

The American Nurses Association kicked off National Nurses Week in May by announcing this year’s theme as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse” which emphasizes achieving a balance of health and wellbeing. Find that balance by rekindling the fire that drew you into the nursing profession! Locating a position whose location and benefits provide you with the professional growth you desire has the power to do just that. A job that leaves you feeling respected and engaged can bring back your passion for nursing and perhaps help you to achieve a better sense of overall wellbeing.

  • Does Your Pharmacy Job Feel Like A Difficult Pill To Swallow?

Long hours and poor staffing has left many pharmacists feeling the pressure to do more while facing unreasonable expectations. Your recruiter can help you keep your enthusiasm in a rewarding profession that enables you to fill the knowledge gap between the medical community and patients. Working with your recruiter to find a company whose culture, mission and values match yours can provide you with meaningful work. Take pride in a fulfilling pharmacy position that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment—instead of exhaustion—at the end of the day.

  • Want To See Progress In Your Therapy Career?

With a genuine concern for others, therapists thrive on assisting their patients to progress and making a positive difference in their health. But high patient loads and job demands can be costly to your job satisfaction. With a profession poised in a position of increasing demand from an aging population, and an ability to work in a variety of settings across the country, there’s no reason to settle for a therapy job that leaves you unsatisfied. Build your resume, and gain new skills with new exciting experiences to gain more personal satisfaction in your therapy job. Exploring a different setting such as a school, hospital or rehabilitation center can lead to increased job satisfaction, as well as professional growth.

Have a Backup Plan For Your Backup Plan

Maybe your job isn’t so bad, but you just don’t feel secure in your position. Or perhaps you’re discouraged at the thought of staying in your current position and are thinking of changing jobs. With the relationship you’ve established with your recruiter, you can test the waters about available positions that match your interests.

Whether you’re seeking:

  • A per diem position or temporary placement
  • Extra cash by supplementing your schedule with a few extra weekend shifts
  • To travel and see more of the world

Your recruiter can search positions discreetly and confidentiality. They can locate a new opportunity for you while you’re still employed, so you don’t have to rock the boat with your current employer.

Your recruiter can:

  • Answer organization specific questions about companies so you don’t pursue a job that’s not right for you.
  • Help make relocation simpler by relying on their vast national presence to help find placement in your perfect location.
  • Expand upon the skills listed on your resume to make yourself more marketable.

It’s Not Just a Job, It’s Your Career

If you’re tired of hearing that this is the way we’ve always done things, perhaps it’s time to move on and find a niche you love and a job that fulfills you. You’re more than another number, or a warm body. Your time and expertise is invaluable to a recruiter. After devoting yourself to a career taking care of others, it’s time to let a recruiter act as your advocate in matching your individual job preferences and open up a whole new world of quality, fulfilling career opportunities.

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