Nurses Week 2020: Meet Olga Rodriguez, CareerStaff’s Director of Clinical Services

Nurses Week 2020: Meet Olga Rodriguez, CareerStaff’s Director of Clinical Services

Happy Nurses Week 2020 from CareerStaff! We’re proud to serve our community of hard-working nurses today and every day of the year with 24/7 service, coast-to-coast employment opportunities, amazing pay and benefits, and lots more.

And as part of that commitment to service, we’re turning to our on-staff experts for additional advice and insights during these difficult times. To that end, we recently spoke to our own Director of Clinical Services, Olga Rodriguez about her thoughts on traveling, EMR, advice for young nurses, and much more.

A Champion of 24/7 Service to Our Nurse Travelers

Olga Rodriguez, CareerStaff Director of Clinical Services
Olga Rodriguez, CareerStaff Director of Clinical Services

From her extensive travel experience to 25 years of service in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, Olga has a true passion for nursing and a depth of experience that comes across in every aspect of her professional career.

“Nursing is the most gratifying profession there is,” she says. “It is the most respected and rewarding profession.”

Fittingly for a CareerStaff clinical services director, Olga has logged many hours of her own as a travel nurse. And that’s given her insights to improve the level of service she provides to the many RNs, LPNs, LVNs and other nursing professionals within the CareerStaff network.

“I have some fond memories of this experience, but I also remember feeling alone in a new city, organization, and culture,” she told us about her time as a travel nurse.

“I would never want a nurse (or any clinician on assignment) to think that there is no one available to her/him at all times. For me, being on-call on a 24/7 basis allows me to support the nurse/clinician in their time of need. It could be at midnight, 5:59 AM, or in the middle of the afternoon.”

“As the clinical services leader for CareerStaff, it’s vital for nurses and other clinicians to know that I am here for them,” she added.

“Every Patient Makes Me a Better Nurse”

We asked Olga what advice she’d give to younger nurses just beginning their careers.

“My advice for a young nurse is to experience the opportunities that nursing offers,” she said. “Nursing is challenging and demanding. You need to take care of yourself at all times. Continue your education and always do the right thing for patients.”

When asked about the challenges facing individual nurses she’s worked with, Olga cites the difficulty of learning new EMR systems for people whose primary career motivation isn’t technology but patient care. While acknowledging the importance of the shift to EMR, she shows real sympathy to nurses who have struggled to adapt.

CareerStaff Director of Clinical Services Olga Rodriguez

Olga told us that she’s most proud of being a mother and her service to her country in the U.S. Army. In her personal time, she likes to listen to music, read and study, and play tennis.

She cites teamwork as her favorite part of working at CareerStaff: “The teamwork at all levels of the organization. The partnership is a reflection of a sound culture that exists within CareerStaff.”

Finally, what does Nurses Day and Nurses Week 2020 mean to Olga?

“Nurses Day, is a week/day when globally nurses are recognized for who they are,” she said. “When the organizations, and healthcare industry partners take time to say a simple ‘Thank You for all you do.’ It’s honoring our heritage and planning for the future of this honorable profession.”

There’s no doubting the importance of raising awareness of the important work nurses do, and celebrations like Nurses Day and Nurses Week help get that job done. But for professionals like Olga, passion for the job isn’t just a week-long event — it’s a constant process of learning and growth, 365 days a year, 24 hour a day.

“Every patient and family interaction makes me a better nurse,” she adds.

Happy Nurses Week 2020

Once again, Happy Nurses Week 2020, and thanks to everyone in our amazing networks of nurses and clinicians, administrators and others — you are all appreciated! Thanks for everything you do.

Are you interested in helping facilities deliver quality patient care during these difficult times? No matter what state you live in, we can quickly connect you with a facility that needs your skills and expertise — and we’ll arrange all transportation and housing, too. Read more about the benefits of working a CareerStaff travel assignment here, or find an opportunity now.

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