Maximize The Healthcare Traveler Lifestyle

Healthcare workers have a variety of options when it comes to choosing where they want to work. Many choose to go a conventional route and work in a hospital, a rehabilitation center, or one of the many outpatient opportunities within healthcare.

A more adventurous option is to become a traveler. Those who do well at healthcare travel are flexible, curious and want to explore various career opportunities and healthcare facilities across the country. In this article, we’ll review five benefits you can maximize working as a healthcare traveler.

New Environments

As a traveler, you have the opportunity to work in healthcare organizations that are new to you, accepting assignments across settings like Hospitals (including ER, OR, ICU, Telemetry), Correctional, Schools, Senior Living, and Home Health. This allows you to explore new areas of healthcare that grows your skillset and helps direct your career path into what you enjoy doing most. Being a traveler also gives you the opportunity to experience a new culture and meet new people while doing the work you enjoy.

New Communities

Since traveling allows you to visit interesting places for extended periods of time, you have the ability to learn the ins and outs of your temporary home. Unlike going on vacation where you get a taste for an area, actually living there for a stint of time allows you to experience a new area while getting paid. Working as a traveler is fun and exciting, and can also help you decide where you would like to settle down!

Utilize Your Skills

As a healthcare worker you may be confident in your skills, but nervous about working in a facility where you’re not familiar with the routine. Even in a new environment you can put your skills to great use while learning so much more! The ability to think on your feet and be adaptable to different situations can be a great asset while working as a traveler. You also get the chance to gain experiences in areas you wouldn’t get otherwise, such as a variety of EMR systems and different specialties. It can be intimidating to jump into something new, but it’s worth it! Being an “outsider” also allows you to see things through new lenses so you’re able to bring ideas to the organization that can save time and improve processes.

Make New Friends

Fitting into a new work environment every few months can be a challenge.  Initially you may need time to warm up to your team, but you’ll soon learn your fellow clinicians are generally friendly and want to help.  You have an opportunity to make new friends during your adventures!

One of the downsides of being a traveler is that you may be away from your family and friends for an extended period of time, but don’t let this deter you. Just as you would in a traditional job, you can request a few days off, or a long weekend here and there to visit your loved ones, or even better – they can visit you. Depending on where you’re assigned you just might get a lot of company! Christmas in New York? Yes, please!

Save Up

Being a traveler allows you to save much more money compared to working as a traditional staff clinician. Since housing is paid for, you can put the extra money away and save for the future. Also, depending on the benefits offered, you may have your healthcare insurance paid for, sign on bonuses, and other perks that aren’t customary with traditional jobs. Before you accept an assignment be sure to take the time to learn what is offered and decide if the benefits will work for you!

As a traveler, you get the chance to see new models of care, experience how things are done outside of what you are familiar with, get to know new people in places you’ve always wanted to visit, and save money while doing so. If you are open to new adventures, take advantage of this career path and experience all the benefits of being a healthcare traveler!

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