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Introducing the Job Pulse: Your Lifeline to Clinical Jobs from CareerStaff

New Job Opportunities for Nurses, OTs, SLPs and Technicians

Welcome back to the CareerStaff Job Pulse, your source for the hottest, most in-demand assignments across the United States! We’re currently offering amazing job opportunities for nurses, SLPs, OTs and surgical and pharm techs from California and Washington State to New Hampshire and Florida — and quite a few places in between, too! 

These are some great jobs that span a variety of practice settings, from the emergency and operating rooms to home health and skilled nursing facilities. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, don’t forget about the new CareerStaff referral bonus! If you connect a clinical or nursing professionals with one of these jobs, you could score a bonus of up to $750. Click here to find out how

Great Opportunities for Nurses, Nationwide

As always, we’re looking for nurses to work assignments in every region of the United States. Right now, our most urgent need is for RNs, LPNs and CNAs to work assignments in Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire, California, Oregon and Washington State. 


Home Health Assignments

Skilled Nursing Assignments

Why Work a Nursing Assignment with CareerStaff?

Jobs for OTs & SLPs

We’re also seeking occupational therapists, OT assistants and speech-language pathologists to work assignments in Boston, San Diego and California wine country! 


Jobs for Technicians

If you’re a pharmacy tech or a surgical tech, we’ve got lots of opportunities in beautiful Washington State!

Refer a Clinician or nurse and You Could Get a Bonus of up to $750!

If you’re not seeking a new career opportunity at the moment, but you know someone who is, you could score a bonus of up to $750! Refer one of these great assignments to a friend, family member, colleague or co-worker and you could be eligible for the CareerStaff referral bonus. Get all the details here.  

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Why Work with CareerStaff Unlimited?

Why do so many nurses, therapists, techs and other clinicians trust CareerStaff with their careers? With locations in dozens of cities and states across the U.S.A., we’re proud to offer access to a constantly-growing list of assignments of all types. We also offer flexible schedules, competitive pay and some amazing benefits too, including health, dental and vision insurance and 401(k) program. 

On top of that, the nurses and clinicians who work with us love the friendly, knowledgeable CareerStaff recruiters! “My favorite thing about working with CareerStaff is my recruiters — how they make me feel appreciated and always keep me updated,” said Joanna, a CNA and one of the CareerStaff Clinicians of the Month for May, 2021.  

“My recruiter Dena, she is always tirelessly working, and always available,” agreed Seth, a CareerStaff Clinician of the Month for January, 2021. “If she doesn’t have an answer, she gets it. She makes working for the company a great experience.”

These opportunities won’t last long! Don’t wait — click a job title above for more details, or start your online application here

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