Happy Hospital Week 2020 from CareerStaff Unlimited!


Happy Hospital Week 2020 from CareerStaff

From everyone here at CareerStaff Unlimited, Happy Hospital Week 2020! We want to thank all the amazing nurses, doctors, clinicians and other professionals working so hard to keep America’s hospitals running during this difficult time. As important as you are during any normal time, you’re especially appreciated as we face the historic COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

As a leading staffing company with years of experience helping nurses, therapists and allied clinicians land great jobs in hospitals from coast to coast, we’ve experienced much of what the healthcare industry has to offer. And we know that, in our modern history, there’s never been a year like 2020, and we’ve never quite faced the challenges we’re facing today.

And we know the toll those challenges are taking on you, the nurses and healthcare professionals working in America’s hospitals. From the risk of infection to the need to quarantine away from family, hospital workers are being asked to face conditions that are truly above and beyond the call of duty.

For that reason — as well as all many others — we’re proud to offer our thanks to you, the healthcare professionals working so hard in these difficult conditions. This Hospital Week 2020, we salute you and all the other workers keeping our nation’s hospitals running strong.

Happy Hospital Week 2020!

Held from May 10th through 16th, National Hospital Week is typically a major event in the United States, with banquets, parades and other community-centered festivities held in all types of settings to say thanks to the many important people who work in hospitals.

And as the nation’s leading healthcare staffer, we understand how big that group truly is. From nurses and doctors to allied clinicians, engineers, administrators, it takes a huge amount of talented, driven and hard-working professionals to help hospitals meet their highest standards of patient care.

As with the Nurses Week that it partially overlaps, Hospital Week 2020 comes at a time of serious need in the nation’s healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t just brought certain hospitals to their breaking point with full ICU beds and overtaxed staff — it’s also forced others out of business because of the temporary halt on elective procedures.

So, now more than ever, we feel the need to not just thank the amazing individuals working in our nation’s hospitals, but to support them and help make sure they’re at peak strength to continue to face the current crisis.

To support that message, and to overcome the unique challenge imposed not just on healthcare but society during the pandemic, the AHA is promoting a week-long celebration via social media. There’s still time to jump aboard — you can check out the #HospitalWeek hashtag here. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

Looking for a COVID-19 Hospital Job?

We understand the importance of the work being doing in our nation’s hospitals during this pandemic. Because we’re actively recruiting nurses and other clinicians for hospitals treating infected patients, we not only offer exacting process for infection control but other COVID-19 resources, too, along with reimbursement for quarantines resulting from on-the-job infections.

COVID-19 Resources from CareerStaff

If you’re a nurse or allied clinician interested in helping a hospital meet its patient care obligations during these difficult times, we can connect you with a crisis assignment on the front lines. Available either in your region or on a travel basis, these jobs offer exceptional pay along with an impressive lineup of additional benefits.

No matter what state you live in, chances are good that we can quickly get you to a facility that needs your skills and expertise. Read more about the benefits of working a CareerStaff travel assignment here, or find a job now.

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